Triple NegaTtive Breast Cancer Survivor Runs A Cancer Awareness And Motivation Blog


“ Open your eyes and go for it”

Daniela was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer on 21st, October 2015. She has successfully defeated her disease. She runs a German cancer awareness and motivation blog.

The Diagnosis

“In May 2015 I found a lump in my right breast by taking a shower. At the beginning of June, I had an ultrasound, which showed all is unremarkable. a normal fibroadenoma. The next ultrasound in September was remarkable. It doubled and I got a biopsy, on 21st, October 2015 and I was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer”

The Journey

“My journey began with the diagnosis. I am the first one in my family and I have no BRCA mutation. One week later, I had my sentinel node surgery. Lucky me, cancer didn’t spread. One week later, I got my port on Friday 6th, November and on my Monday 9th, November 2015 I had my first neoadjuvant chemotherapy. We prayed so much that my 3.5cm big tumor will be killed by it. I got 4 rounds if EC and 12 rounds of paclitaxel. My last chemo was on 18th, April 2016.

During this 6 months, I took care of myself. I use to eat healthy food, practice yoga, tried meditation, walk often in nature. I had not so many side effects, lucky me, on 12th, May 2016 was my breast-conserving surgery and 3 weeks later I got information about having a complete remission. After some weeks of recovery, my radiation began. My treatment ended on 22nd, August after 33 radiation treatments.

In Germany, you have the opportunity to get in rehab for 3 weeks and it was a very recovering time. My first day of work was on 6th, December 2016 and since 30th, January 2017 I was back fulltime. Okay, not really… I treat myself with a 4 days working week. On 12th, May I had my 2 years cancerversary.”

Motivation to fight cancer

“My life! I love my life, my family and being an auntie!”

Biggest hindrance

“Honestly, my time during the treatment was good. Fewer side effects, great family, and a good body and soul balance. My personal hindrance was the coming back to the everyday life, without losing myself in stress. It is still hard work”

Message to other cancer patients

“Love yourself and be kind to yourself. Listen to your soul and your body and if you have a bad day, it is okay. If we couldn’t have one, who else?!”

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