Thyroid Cancer Survivor Now Runs A Kitchen/Recipe Blog


“You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.”

Sarah was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer just before Christmas in 2017. She has successfully kicked cancer and now runs a kitchen blog where she posts tasty recipes.

The Diagnosis:

“I was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer just before Christmas in 2017. I noticed some lumps on the right side of my neck and went to my GP for an ultrasound referral. The ultrasound showed that my thyroid didn’t look normal and so the doctors investigated further with a biopsy that concluded my diagnosis.”

The Journey:

“As a seemingly healthy 20-year-old, I was confused and overwhelmed by the discovery of cancer. I was told that in my case it was just bad luck that I had developed this illness and that nothing could have prevented it from occurring. I was also told that I should feel extremely lucky as this particular cancer develops slowly and has an extremely good prognosis. This idea soothed me and allowed me to make peace with my health issues.”

Motivation to fight cancer:

I had every motivation to fight cancer. I have my whole life ahead of me, a wonderful family, fantastic boyfriend and amazing friends. I’m a student and an intern, both of which I greatly enjoy and where I have so much more to learn and experience. I want to travel, have a family of my own, build a career and do so much more with my life that ignoring cancer wasn’t an option.

Biggest hindrance:

“The biggest hindrance was my recovery after my operation. The surgery was extensive and left me in a very fragile and weak state. I had to build my strength up slowly and learn to rely on others a lot more. The mental and physical sides were equally challenging but I stayed positive and made a great recovery.”

Message to other cancer patients:

“My message to other cancer patients of any age is to find the fire within themselves to fight and survive. Cancer comes in so many forms, none of which are kind, and the journey is tough. My motto was always minded over matter and to believe in the power of positive thinking.”

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