Thyroid Cancer Survivor Now Radio Host, Writer & Journalist


“Cancer doesn’t define who you are, you do it, so keep going”

MarÍa was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in June of 2018. She has successfully defeated her disease. She is now a Radio Host, Writer, and Journalist.

The Diagnosis

“In late June 2018. I had been diagnosed with a mild heart arrhythmia back in December, but after some months under medication, and have managed to control it, my heart began beating real fast again, and when I visited the cardiologist, he said it probably was some thyroid malfunction. When I went to the endocrinologist, he ran some tests and found a small tumor, and after doing a biopsy on it, they found it was cancer at its earliest stage.”

The Journey

“Immediately after figuring out it was cancer, I cried for a whole afternoon. I cried and cried, asked God why would he do it, I was too young, only 22 years, but then, I figured I couldn’t go through this path and immediately decided to keep going. My family accompanied me to the head and neck surgeon, and he explained that I had to undergo surgery to figure out whether they needed to take out my whole thyroid, or just half of it.

And also to know if I had to take iodine therapy after the surgery, which is a risky chemical, or just some pills. After doing some pre-operatory tests, I found myself undergoing the surgery, and ended up with no cancer, luckily, and a small visible scar. It has been a month since then, and in these few weeks, I have had some pain inside the scar and sometimes it hurts and itches on the outside, also I get dizzy and want to throw up sometimes, and I also get tired a little too fast. However, I am glad that I am cured, and I know that if I hadn’t acted quickly, perhaps the situation would be much much different.”

Motivation to fight cancer

“My will to live and accomplish many more things, also my family.”

Biggest hindrance

“My fear of the word “cancer” and of the scar that I would have on my neck, permanently.”

Message to other cancer patients

“That once you find out you have cancer, you don’t have to get depressed. Obviously, take some time to cry, but then just suck it up, and keep going. No one is going to fight your battle for you. Find the right treatment you have to undergo and do it as soon as possible. Do not lose any time hesitating or feeling sorry for yourself, time is too valuable for us.”


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