Thyroid Cancer Survivor Now An Equestrain Horse Rider


“Emotions are dangerous, they can cloud and distort your vision as well as the people around you, take a second and think it through yourself.”

Destiny Carson was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in February 2018. She has successfully defeated her disease. She is now in CSUMB Equestrian Team.

The Diagnosis

“February 2018.”

The Journey

“People call thyroid cancer the “good cancer” and in my mind, I feel the same way. It’s hard for me to think at 24 I’ve had cancer because I didn’t have to go through all different types of radiation but for 3 years I had an autoimmune disease called Graves. I thought I had just a simple hormone imbalance in my thyroid that could be fixed with multiple medications and that wasn’t the case.

I was tired 24/7, sometimes never hungry, and other times overly hungry, I lived a very active life that was hard for me to keep up with, on all these medications. I couldn’t compete in horseback riding at my highest potential, I couldn’t scuba dive because my thyroid was giving me a heart irregularity, I couldn’t focus in class because I had a doctor’s appointment every week! I felt I was failing at everything I wanted to do. When I found out it was cancer I was in disbelief.”

Motivation to fight cancer

“My motivation to fight cancer was to get back to all the things I once loved and do them and be great at them! I take pride in all the horses I ride and all the animals I work with in general and when I was sick, it pained me that those animals couldn’t be worked with.”

Biggest hindrance

“The day of my thyroidectomy, my father was also diagnosed with thyroid cancer. This was the biggest setback for me because I was so scared that something would go wrong in my surgery that he wouldn’t want to do him, and his cancer was currently worse than mine. I battled with wanting to do radioactive iodine therapy vs surgery but I figured I’m young and active and everything will work to my advantage. My surgery did last longer than most due to the fact my blood vessels were the size of charging cords! It was crazy! But I healed great and I love that fact that I can motivate my dad to do the same procedure I had!.”

Message to other cancer patients

“My message to other cancer patients is always remembered to keep doing the things you love. I had to miss out on lots of opportunities because of all my doctor’s appointments but I regret it to the fullest. I wish I took a step back from school and pushed myself to do what I love during this process to keep me sane. If you’re wavering between wanting to have a surgery and not go with the surgery. There are risks to everything, but if it’s between life or death. choose life!

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