Thyroid Cancer Survivor Is Now A Nurse

thyroid cancer survivor story

“She wears her scars like a worrier for they’re a reminder she’s alive”

Lisa was diagnosed with thyroid cancer on 2nd May. She has successfully defeated her disease. She is an ER nurse.

The Diagnosis

“Sometime in April I was at the gym and I noticed a lump on my neck. For many years I wondered why my neck was so fat but with weight gain and etc, I was told it was my anatomy of my neck. Then one day at the gym I noticed a lump so I went to the doctor.

She quickly ordered an ultrasound and that lump I discovered turned out to be benign however the ultrasound found another nodule behind my thyroid that wasn’t visible to the naked eye, and called for a biopsy.

Thinking that the biopsy will turn out fine since my other nodule was benign at a larger size. When I got to the ultrasound, I asked the technician what was the difference between this nodule and the benign one? She said this one showed calcification.

When I researched calcified thyroid nodule it said most likely related to cancer. I freaked out and tried to stay calm at the same time. On May 2nd I received a call from my PCP and she said my biopsy results came back positive for papillary thyroid carcinoma. I was devastated at the news…”

The Journey

Lisa - story of thyroid cancer survivor

“After crying on the phone with my PCP, she said my medical team has a plan for me so I hung up and the very next morning I received phone calls from head and neck specialist center and an endocrinologist for same day appointment.

After a few consultations, I was able to have the chief of surgeon in head and neck surgery as my surgeon and scheduled a surgery date on May 22nd. My journey after surgery and radioactive iodine treatment had been smooth with the amazing medical team I had.

I feel that I am stronger every day and I hope and pray everyday for me finding my cancer at an early stage. I’d consider myself to be very lucky throughout this whole journey with a long road to recovery with balancing my levels. The good thing is, most days I feel normal!!!! And I’ve done this with the best support team I ever have!!!”

Motivation to fight cancer:

“My biggest motivation to fight against this is because it is a very curable disease and I will not let it defeat me. I cannot let my family and friends down by giving up. I want to live for the next challenges that comes my way. I want to fight to live to see another sunrise and enjoy this amazing life I am so grateful for! I look forward to what life has for me next. I want to find my loving partner and have a family I always wanted.”

Biggest hindrance

“Trying to balance this new life without a thyroid and a new job as an ER nurse. I was diagnosed the first week I had training for my dream position as an ER nurse. Being in a new specialty, I thought I was going to have a lot of set-backs but I’ve been back to work the past 2 and half months and I’ve been thriving so much that I shocked all the management team! But I will continue to fight for my dream job and this new life post thyroidectomy.”

Message to other cancer patients

Thyroid cancer survivor shares her message

“No one ever wants this nasty disease called cancer. However, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. Trust your medical team, have faith, and pray every day and the sun WILL shine again. Don’t ever give up fighting because defeating cancer is worth it!”


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