Thyroid Cancer Survivor Is Now A Dog And Cat Rescuer

Thyroid Cancer Survivor Is Now A Dog And Cat Rescuer

Carlie Ebben was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in May 1999. She has successfully defeated her disease. She is now a mother and dog & cat Rescuer.

The Diagnosis

“I was diagnosed in May of 1999. I was suffering from a sinus infection and went to the doctor. Upon entering the exam room he noted that my thyroid was inflamed. Thus beginning my journey.”

The Journey

Thyroid Cancer Survivor's Journey

“I was a mom of 3 young children, so I was tired all the time. Never knowing that I had a golf ball size tumor growing on my thyroid. I found out on that fateful Dr.’s visit that it was enlarged. The first doctor I went to was my gynecologist. They did blood work and found that my thyroid levels were ok, but my white blood cell count was elevated. So I had to go see an oncologist where they drew my blood and said everything was clear. I am wondering what about this huge knot in my throat?! So I made an appointment with an endocrinologist. This man saved my life!! He did a biopsy of the knot, which came back positive for cancer and I was subsequently scheduled for surgery. I was terrified as I had 3 young children that I was afraid of leaving.!

The thyroid was removed and I began my roller coaster ride of finding the right level of Synthroid to be on! Six months later I had my first drink of radioactive iodine and full body scan is done. A small amount of thyroid tissue was discovered then so I was radiated, having to stay overnight at the hospital and I couldn’t be around my small children for a week afterward. A subsequent scan showed all clear and has been for Twenty years!”

Motivation to fight cancer

“My 3 small children and the fact that I knew my husband at that time couldn’t care for them if I were to die! “

Biggest hindrance

“I think having to have my medication levels changed so much in the beginning. The sheer exhaustion I felt all the time.”

Message to other cancer patients

Message to other cancer patients

“To listen to your body. Keep an open dialogue with your Dr, Read all the books you can on surviving Thyroid Cancer. It’s not an easy road to travel but you can get there to health again!!”


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