Thyroid Cancer Survivor Becomes A Speaker


Paula was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in 2016. After successfully kicking cancer out of her life, she is now a speaker and loves to travel a lot.

The Diagnosis

“I was diagnosed in May 2016! I was dealing with a recurring cough and throat pain. After a few weeks, I decided to get it checked out! When I told my primary care doctor what was going on, she recommended more tests.”

The Journey

Motivation to fight cancer“My diagnosis of cancer was another life-changing event! I still remember the look of fear in my adult children eyes when I gave them the news! We had already been through so much as a family, and now this! I can’t move forward without saying I survived 10 surgeries so I was ready for this! I had a second opinion and yes, it was true thyroid cancer! The research began on the type of thyroid cancer I had, what to expect on my journey, and what options I had available to me as far as surgery, chemo, and radiation! My surgery was on September 15, 2016. I had my thyroid completely removed! An overnight stay in the hospital, seven nodules removed, no chemo, no radiation! The doctor really pressed me about getting chemo just in case it comes back! Well, my take was what if it doesn’t?? My faith is bigger than that anything I know! ”

“I had to fight as my granddaughter was on the way. My faith keeps me going in troubled times! My twin sister can’t make it without me. I had to keep going as we had made plans already ♥️♥️! I fight every day because I want to live, I want to fall in love again, I want to see my family receive everything God has for them. The one thing I can tell myself is ‘I have not made it’! ”

The biggest hindrance

“One of the things that immediately changed was the sound of my voice! That was a big setback for me… I was shocked, I cried, I texted everything and I did not want to talk on the phone! It was very hard to look at a video of myself speaking because I felt incomplete. That was not the only change….my body changed, I was so tired, it was hard doing daily activities alone, hot flashes, hard to swallow, and taste buds changed! My memory was very foggy during the first 3-6 months and I kept a journal for a while.”

Message to other cancer patients

“I know cancer will always be a part of you but don’t let it define your total existence! Take the time you need to heal, advocate for yourself, ask for help if you need it, and never stop believing you are a miracle!”

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