Thyroid Cancer Fighter Works As A Customer Service Representative


“Do something today that your future self will thank you for.”

Hannah was diagnosed with Thyroid cancer. She is as a customer service representative.

The Diagnosis

“I had a really bad cold and my tonsils were swollen so I went to an ENT and he looked at my neck and noticed I had a lump on it! It kind of looked like Adam’s apple but it was there for so long that I didn’t realize it was abnormal.”

The Journey

“It was terrifying at first. It still is sometimes. It gets frustrating and time-consuming and just really annoying. The doctors think I’ve had cancer since I was 9. I was just about to turn 19 when I was diagnosed. My body survived 10 years of cancer without me even knowing it. My body is amazing and I love it for fighting for me. I’m so happy my cancer is in the hands of the doctors so I get to focus on thanking my body by nurturing it and by living the best life that I can.

“On December 29th, 2016, I got my TWELTH surgery. I had my thyroid and 14 lymph nodes removed as well as spots along my trachea. We knew my thyroid had too many tumors to salvage it and we had already biopsied multiple lymph nodes so we knew those would have to be removed. We did not expect to find any cancer in my throat. After finding how much cancer had spread in the areas around my neck, my doctor decided to check my lungs. Sure enough, my left lung had multiple spots on it.

This was so scary, but I’m not mad that it happened. Getting diagnosed with cancer completely changed my outlook on life. I now look at the bright side of things and really live my life for me. Yeah, the surgery and treatments have not been fun and neither have all of the appointments or tests. But at the end of the day, I am SO lucky. I have formed so many relationships with incredible people. I’ve learned to cherish my friends and family and never take them for granted. Since being diagnosed I have started my job at Regence, started my second semester of college, and now I’m learning how to live this new lifestyle. Everything happens for a reason and my life feels like it’s really falling into place, so I guess that’s my reason.”

Motivation to fight cancer

“My sister. She’s been through hell with medical problems but she’s still one of the strongest people I know. If she can overcome as much as she has then I can overcome this.”

Biggest hindrance

“I have been told that they have found more cancer 4 times in the best 2 years. It’s so hard to stay positive when I’m getting tests done and then having to wait for the results. It gives me so much anxiety and takes away my positivity. I think the thing that is really pushing me through my battle is my attitude and being told that my treatments aren’t working really gets in the way of that.”

Message to other cancer patients

“You are so strong and you are so capable of getting through this. Keep your head up and fight!”

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