Thyroid Cancer Fighter Says Learn From Cancer

Thyroid Cancer Fighter

“Surviving cancer is not the end of a gruesome story, it’s the beginning of a beautiful one.”

Casey was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in summer of 2016. She is fighting her disease.

The Diagnosis

“Summer of 2016. I had a cyst taken out that ended up being a tumor. They found thyroid tissue in it and declared that I had cancer.”

The Journey

Thyroid Cancer Fighter's Journey

“I have had 3 surgeries and 1 treatment of radiation over 2 years. I am still fighting currently. Having Thyroid cancer brought a lot of changes in my life. I gained 50 pounds, my hair died and began falling out, I have a huge scar across my neck, I was always tired and had hot flashes all day long and my emotions were like a roller coaster that never stopped.

I used to play lacrosse at my school and I had to stop because I had nerve damage from one of my surgeries. I am a college student and I have a job, which has been challenging with my fatigue but I am still trying to finish school and make money. I am 22 years old and still living my life as much as I can.”

Motivation to fight cancer

“I want to show the world how strong I am and how I can kick cancers ass so other people can too.”

Biggest hindrance

“I gained 50 pounds and I am still having a hard time losing it. I had to buy all new clothes and try to regain confidence about my body. My hair is just now coming back to life. My energy level is not what it used to be so I can’t do half the things I used to. Dating is tough and frustrating. I’m constantly in doctor’s appointments and medical bills are never ending.”

Message to other cancer patients

Message to other cancer patients

“Accept the cancer as a part of you and learn from it.

It’ll change your life like it did mine, in a good way.”


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