Thyroid Cancer Fighter Is On Self Love And Healthy Mission

Thyroid Cancer Fighter

“Live like there is no tomorrow”

Jen was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in April 2018. She is fighting her disease. She is on a self-love/healthy lifestyle mission.

The Diagnosis

April 2018, I discovered a lump in the front of my throat.

The Journey

Thyroid Cancer Fighter's Journey

“I was laying down one night in bed and for some odd reason decided to feel my neck and noticed a large baseball sized lump and it alarmed me. My husband felt it as well. The next day I had a follow up for my hypothyroidism with my family doctor and so I ask her and she did an exam and felt it as well. She scheduled me for an ultrasound which came back suspicious and so they set me up for a fine needle aspiration biopsy which terrified me to even think about.

Those results came back highly suspicious so my doctor sent me to a surgeon who specialized in thyroid cancer. He said only a few nodules usually turn out to be cancer and he said he would need my whole thyroid removed. I was at a loss for words with that news because my thyroid was a part of me.

I had surgery on May 2nd and my surgeon said my pathology came back and my entire thyroid was covered in cancer and Hashimoto’s disease and he wanted to go back in and remove lymph nodes to be sure they were not affected. I was sick and in shock and numb. I ran crying into my husband’s arms and he held me and cried with me while telling me we would get through this together.

All this before my 35th birthday was life-changing. May 11, 2018, I went back in for a neck dissection and then got the call that the lymph nodes they removed all had cancer in them and then they told me cancer invaded my vein. My family doctor said ” It is good cancer” She did not prepare me for the journey ahead of me. Medicine withdrawal for 6 weeks, lab work, chest scans, low iodine diet, radioactive iodine and doctor’s appointments for the rest of my life. This is anything but good cancer. It has been life changing in so many ways.

Depression sank in and took hold of me like never before and then came the fear of this cancer coming back. I don’t wanna be the sob story, I want to be the overcomer. I want to win my battle with thyroid cancer day by day. This is a scary journey and I don’t let it define me because I have one life to live and I plan on doing just that. I made a bucket list for fall and I will complete it. Thyroid cancer doesn’t have me I have it and I plan on beating it. We are all warriors .”

Motivation to fight cancer

“To not let this define me”

Biggest hindrance

“The fear of it coming back and me having to do this all over again”

Message to other cancer patients

Message to other cancer patients

You are strong and you are not alone on this journey. Peace, love, and light”


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