Thyroid Cancer Fighter Is a Court Clerk


thyroid cancer fighter

Favorite Quote

Philippians 4:13

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”


Taylor O’Brien was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in August of 2017. Here she shares her inspiring journey with others. She works as a clerk in a court and help women to find self-love.

The Diagnosis

“I was diagnosed in August of 2017. I went in for a Pre-Employment physical and the doctor told me that he felt a lump in my neck that he didn’t like and wanted me to go have to checked and cleared by my Primary Care Physician before he would pass me.”

The Journey

thyroid cancer fighter's journey

“My journey with cancer seemed quick, although it is not complete over yet. I feel lucky because what I have is 97% curable but the scar on my neck is a constant reminder of all that I’ve been through- endless doctors’ appointment, the blood testing & feeling as if I’m nothing but a pin cushion, the diagnosis, the surgery, and 2 rounds of radiation I’ve had so far. This journey has been extremely hard. I wasn’t able to work out for weeks at a time because of the surgery, for some this may seem silly but this is my passion and not being able to broke me down. Having to go on a strict diet for radiation and having to stay away from friends and family for periods of time because of the dangers of radiation. I couldn’t go to work for weeks after my surgery because I wasn’t on medication and I had to let my body adjust to life without a major organ. And on top of that, all the odd things my body does now that it didn’t do before can be very frightening.”

Biggest Hindrance

“The biggest hinderance in my journey is that it prevents me from getting a job, and it slowed my life down a lot. At the same time, it was a blessing in disguise because I would have NEVER known about it had I not gone in for that pre-employment physical. It also slowed my life down because I wasn’t able to see or go out with friends at certain periods in my journey because of the diet I was on before radiation and because of the radiation pill. It is very dangerous for other people that don’t have thyroid issues.”

Motivation to fight cancer

“My biggest motivation in my fight against cancer is my family. They stood by me every step of the way. No matter what it was, if it was some kind of testing, or going to the doctor or just if I needed something, they would drop everything to help me. And without them I couldn’t have done it. They are my biggest support system.”

Message to other Fighters

message for cancer patients

“You will get through it! It may be hard in the moment, but it will get better. Having a great support system is everything!”


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