Testicular Cancer Symptoms And Early Signs

Testicular Cancer Symptoms Infographic

Testicular Cancer Symptoms:

  1. Painless (or at times painful) lump/swelling in either testicle.
  2. Change in how the testicles feel.
  3. Dull pain in lower abdomen and groin.
  4. Pain/discomfort in a testicle or scrotum.
  5. Gynecomastia (growth of breasts in men) in human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG)-producing tumors.
  6. Early puberty in case of androgen-producing tumors.

Other testicular cancer symptoms of the metastatic disease include pain in the back due to the spread of disease to abdominal lymph nodes, shortness of breath, chest pain, cough due to the spread of disease to the lungs, seizures/headache due to spread of the tumor to brain, etc.

Any one or more of the above symptoms if present may require further investigations.

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To further understand the disease in a better way, have a look at thevideo below where CancerBro meets Mr. Tiesto who has recently being diagnosed with testicular cancer.

CancerBro asks Mr. Tiesto several important questions related to his disease from SYMPTOMS which lead him to contact an oncologist, to various other risk factors related to testicular cancer.

Video Transcript:

CancerBro, can you please discuss in detail how the disease presents and what are the risk factors for disease?

Yeah sure, let’s meet Mr. Tiesto.

He is Tiesto, 25 years old boy. One fine day when he got up he incidentally noticed a mass in his right testis.

He got very worried and straight away rushed to the hospital. After a series of investigations, he was finally diagnosed as a case of testicular germ cell cancer, let’s meet him.

CancerBro: Hi Mr. Tiesto, how are you feeling today?

Mr. Tiesto: I was very worried for the last few days after I was diagnosed with cancer but after talking to you and learning more about the disease I am feeling better.

CancerBro: That’s great Mr. Tiesto, can I ask you a few questions related to your disease?

Mr. Tiesto: Yeah sure CancerBro, please go ahead.

CancerBro: What were your initial complaints for which you consulted the doctor?

Mr. Tiesto: I was feeling pressure-like sensation and heaviness in my right scrotum. When I palpated it, I felt some mass in my right scrotum.

CancerBro: Did you feel any pain in the mass on applying pressure?

Mr. Tiesto: Not at all CancerBro, it is totally painless.

CancerBro: Did you have any developmental abnormalities in childhood or any sexual complaints as an adult?

Mr. Tiesto: My parents didn’t tell me regarding any developmental issues in my childhood, otherwise, I am absolutely normal as an adult with no sexual problems.

CancerBro: That’s great Mr. Tiesto, did anyone else in your family had similar complaints?

Mr. Tiesto: No CancerBro, as far as I can remember I am the first one to have any such complaint in my family.

CancerBro: Okay Mr. Tiesto, thank you very much.

I think you must have got an idea, how testicular cancer patient and what are the risk factors for the disease.

Watch the video below to understand the SYMPTOMS of testicular cancer in a better way.

Video Transcript:

Most commonly, testicular cancer symptom present in the form of painless swelling, but sometimes torsion may cause severe pain.

In some cases, pressure like sensation or heaviness may be present in the testis. Very rarely, back pain, breathlessness or a headache may be present due to the spread of cancer to bones, lungs or brain.

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