Stage 4 Melanoma Survivor Writes A Book To Share Her Story

stage 4 melanoma survivor story

“Some people are fit and Healthy, they may live for a short time or a long time. I had cancer, I might live for a short time or a long time. So, the message is JUST LIVE!”

Julie Randall is a stage 4 melanoma survivor who has come out as a winner against all odds. She describes her journey in Patient_71– a book written by her.

The Diagnosis:

“I was diagnosed with Terminal Cancer in June 2012 after suffering a sudden severe brain seizure at my workplace. It was stage 4 advanced melanoma of which there was no cure.”

The Journey:

terminal melanoma survivor story

“For me, it was like being hit over the head with a hammer. In an instant, I went from what I thought was an extremely fit and healthy woman to someone who was dying and only had months to live. It was surreal. I shock like no other.

I was offered chemotherapy to “Buy Me some time” I had to take up the offer. I had to myself find another way out of this horrible mess.”

Motivation to fight cancer:

When I came home from the hospital on that fateful night I had to tell my beloved, beautiful teenage daughters that their mum had cancer. My eldest daughter whaling NO mum NO mum NO mum so I went out on a limb and promised the both of them that I would live. But I had no idea how I was going to do that. I then had to do everything in power to find a way to do the impossible. Live through a terminal cancer diagnosis… I had to keep my promise to my daughters.

Biggest hindrance:

“There was nothing to save my life in Australia 6 years ago. So I researched the world for answers. It was a maze and difficult to navigate but I managed to drill it down to an Immunotherapy clinical trial in Portland, Oregon in the USA. It was a long way from home but I became obsessed with the thought of the body’s own immune system kicking back into gear and fighting cancer. I begged and pleaded via email and phone calls for almost 4 months all the while my life was apparently coming to an end. The trouble was the trial was only for US citizens and was at full capacity at 70 patients. I wouldn’t take no for an answer I just kept at them. I became known to the scientist as Patient 71.

I had to pack up and leave my family and friends for a chance at life. I had a 33% chance of responding to the drugs. I had to give it my best shot.

So Here I am cancer free and loving life 6 years later. I kept my promise to my daughters. It makes me cry thinking about it.

I have written a book called ‘Patient 71’ (Available from Amazon), and every day I receive many messages of thanks from cancer patients and their families all over the world for giving them hope and inspiration to keep going and learning to control their mindset even going through such a stressful time.”

Message to other fighters

Julie Randall - sharing message to other cancer patients

“Learn everything you can about your personal cancer. Get genomic testing done if you can and then research the treatments that are working for the best for your personal cancer. Science is moving forward and realizing that no two people are exactly the same. The world is moving towards personalized medicine.

Take control of your life. Sure, listen to the doctors and keep asking questions, then more questions. Research all the clinical trials in the world that are taking place for the type of cancer you have. We have to become champions of our own destiny. The other thing I would say with passion is that If you are physically able to turn your situation into a positive by achieving a goal. Do something you have always wanted to do.

I had always wanted to write a book. So, I looked cancer in the eye and said ok, that’s enough. You have taken enough of me. I will take control back now. So, I put pen to paper and wrote my memoir, I have appeared on 60 minutes Australia twice, I do public speaking and have turned my life into the life I wanted. I write for magazines and websites. I am a better person and appreciate every day and see so much more wonder in the world. I make the most of every day

You can too. I smile and laugh and be silly because I know my cells respond positively to that.


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