Stage 4 Lymphoma survivor shares Her Journey To Inspire Others

Stage 4 Lymphoma survivor story

“You were assigned this mountain to show others it can be moved.”

Shanee’ Wilson was diagnosed with lymphoma in January 2017 but she made a strong comeback and punched cancer on the face.

The Diagnosis

“Shanee Wilson Stage 4 lymphoma survivor after being hospitalized for 36 days of tears, unknown assumptions, negative tests, three biopsies, and a surgery.”

The Journey

Stage 4 Lymphoma survivor's journey

“My journey with cancer was the scariest, most uncomfortable and uncertain time of my life. I’ve endured several battles in life but nothing by far compares to cancer. I truly lost myself, questioned my faith, wondered why cancer was given to me and got caught up in confusion of why this was all happening to me. Cancer was truly the fight for my life. Being someone who ate healthily, worked out 3-5 times a week and who has never been hospitalized in life, I would have never imagined that cancer would ever happen to me but it did. As I lost my energy, mind, and strength, God allowed me to restore my faith, renew myself and truly brought out a much better version of myself. While cancer was the hardest time in my entire life, it was also the most remarkable thing God has brought me through and for that, I will forever be thankful.”

Motivation to fight cancer

“My husband, my daughter and my family were my reason why. Being that I just got married only 6 months before being diagnosed, I knew that I couldn’t give up on my husband. Knowing that my daughter was only five years old and there was so much I needed to teach her in life, I knew for a fact that giving up or giving in was NOT an option: my baby needed me so I cried for God each and every night to allow me a second chance at life so that I could give her my heart, soul, guidance, and direction her beautiful soul deserved.”

The biggest hindrance

“My biggest hindrance was not feeling like myself, not being able to do for myself, needing to rely on others for so much just drove me crazy. I can honestly say that I was helpless and hopeless. Coming from being a corporate America employee, a business owner, a person that did not understand relying on others or sitting still, I truly fought through insanity as I sat in the hospital bed so long so helplessly. I am still perplexed to this very day that I needed help walking to the restroom, standing to brush my teeth, learning to walk again, my husband bathed me because my energy didn’t allow me to bathe myself. To this day, no one but my husband and daughter truly understands just how much life cancer took out of me.”

Message to other fighters

Message for cancer fighters

“My message to my fellow fighters is to fight on. Hold onto hope and faith. Trust in the Lord at all times to see you though. This will be the hardest time of your life but better days are ahead of you and when you feel like giving up, rest assured that trouble doesn’t always last.”


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