Stage 4 Breast Cancer Fighter Becomes An Author


“I am the proof that miracle does exists.”

Riana Trish was diagnosed with breast cancer at the beginning of 2016. She is an author, can be seen at some fine-art photoshoots, working with some creative arts on producing music song, video, photograph, paintings, movie – to support in cancer awareness campaign, spreading hope.

The Diagnosis

“I was diagnosed with stage 2A breast cancer at the beginning of 2016 with my pre-existing conditions of multiple tumors in lymph nodes, brain edema and utery tumor for a couple years back. And, leveling up to stage 4 after series of treatment.”

The Journey

“Nobody said it’s never been easy. Yes, it’s not easy. My sister passed away from breast cancer just after her second chemotherapy, just right after I finished my surgery. So, you have no idea how my feelings would be like on those days.

I went through all the series of surgery, chemotherapy, radiation like every cancer patients did, with all those very real indescribable side effects. The hospital is like my second home as I spent so many times in the hospital as I can remember.

Cancer attacks the body. It is an assault of rogue cells trying to take over the body and break down everything in their path. But its attack is no less intensive on the mind and spirit.

With all those treatments, only found out at later on that I was relapsed, and spreading, was another chapter. The continuing struggles in the body while to keep it in mind and spirit to stay positive is never been easy. I must say it’s somewhat confusing as well when everybody has been trying to suggest their very best opinions. But at the end of the day, I realize it more than I have to take charge entirely as it’s my own body, my own life. I have to get to know more about my own body, my body alerts. learning to know what it takes, how it takes, when to let go and be still.

With all the very rough condition which has passed, I will rely on integrated treatment. Doing everything I can in my power to boost my immune system, and I command my body to fight itself against cancer cells. Every situation counts on growing my faith and hope.

Me, being as a cancer patient, never been stopping me to support other cancer patients in many different ways. My statement in my book “I prefer to call it Miracle” has also become my statement of faith that everything happens for a reason, and that is a good reason. So, when I change my mindset to call it, it’s cancer, and all the life situations along the way, like a miracle, it helps me a lot to go through and even to grow through it.

Life after cancer might look like a hell in some point of views, but its cancer is only one part. It does not define my life.

I am an author, and becoming seen at some fine-art photoshoots, working with some creative arts on producing music song, video, photograph, paintings, movie – to support in cancer awareness campaign, spreading hope and positive vibes for those who have less-hope in life to embrace their miracle within. What such as amazing journey.”

Motivation to fight cancer.

“God Himself is becoming my biggest motivation to fight cancer. I believe everything happens for a reason, and it’s a Godly reason. All is good and positive, even sometimes I can not see the whole picture at first. God’s love and His proof of love poured out into my entire life is my only reason that I will never ever give up on my journey, knowing my all is in His hand. I am that precious.”

Biggest hindrance

“My biggest hindrances would be my own fear. Fear of financial situation, fear of being sicker, fear of rejected, fear of loss, fear of….. name it every common situation in life. So, I keep on fighting this fear, be stronger and be braver.”

Message to other cancer patients

“Please do take over our own body, including mind and spirit. We have the right to choose what it’s best for our body above everyone else’s opinions. Learn the process wisely, go through patiently, and keep growing through it. We are very precious in God’s eyes, so respect this privilege by learning to be our best version despite our “new normal”.

Never lose a hope. Embrace our miracle within.”

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