Stage 2b Triple Negative Breast Cancer Survivor Walked 5k To Celebrate Victory


“I may have cancer, but cancer will never have me!”

Kere was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2014. We are very happy to let you know that she has now successfully defeated cancer and lives a happy & healthy life with her family.

The Diagnosis

“My Dog sniffed it out in January of 2014, a biopsy confirmed it”

The Journey

“I was diagnosed with stage 2B Triple Negative Breast Cancer on January 29, 2014. I started chemo on March 5th with a chemo cocktail of weekly Taxol for 12 weeks and Carboplatin in every third chemo for a total of 4. I was supposed to follow up with A/C (“The Red Devil”) but after one treatment, we discontinued because I was HIGHLY allergic.

On May 27th, 2014, I had a PET Scan that came back clean. So we discontinued chemo and moved on to surgery. I had a bilateral mastectomy in August of 2014, with 17 lymph nodes removed and expanders placed immediately. Out of 17 nodes, 2 were dirty. I had my expanders swapped for saline implants in October of 2014 and had three weeks to heal before starting radiation. Apparently, saline implants hold up well with radiation. I started 26 rounds of radiation in November of 2014 and finished just before Christmas. I walked a 5 K the following day, to celebrate.”

Motivation to fight cancer

“My newly born grandson, who just turned 4, and my three children”

The biggest hindrance

“My pectoral muscle detached from my sternum on the non-cancer side while attending massage therapy school, and instead of fixing it, my PS sent me to a different PS at Mayo in Rochester MN who was doing a “cutting edge” new surgery with implants on top of the pectoral muscle. Since I was active and paddled on a survivor’s dragon boat team, he thought I would be a good candidate. This led to a series of reconstruction complications, due to my lymphatic system no longer working properly.

I had cellulitis twice, I ended up having the new expander removed and went straight to implants. I again ended back up in the hospital and had to have the implant removed. I walked around as a uni-boober for 6 months before having a DIEP flap surgery, with another two to follow. I have had over 10 surgeries and eventually need one more. The mesh used in my stomach is weakening and needs to be replaced at some point. I am sick of hospitals, surgeries, and recoveries and not in any hurry to have this done.”

Message to other cancer patients

“Even on your worst days, have faith. Laughter got me through the darkest times”


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