Stage 2 Rectal Cancer Survivor Is Now Rasinig Awareness

Stage 2 Rectal Cancer Survivor

“Live, Love, Laugh and repeat because life is fragile! Celebrate every win and create your own happiness!!”

Kimberly Coleman was diagnosed with Stage 2 Rectal Cancer on 24th July 2015. She has successfully defeated her disease. She is actively raising Colorectal Cancer Awareness.

The Diagnosis

She was diagnosed with Stage 2 Rectal Cancer on 24th July 2015, after Colonoscopy.

The Journey

Stage 2 Rectal Cancer Survivor's Journey

“My journey with cancer has been one of discovering how beautiful life is and how important community and support are to all patients. I have learned to live in the moment and slow down. It’s brought me deeper relationships and I’ve also lost some relationships. I never imagined that I would be thankful for all of the incredible gifts fighting cancer has given me!”

Motivation to fight cancer

“My family “

Biggest hindrance

“I almost died after my first round of 6weeks of oral chemo/33 radiation treatments on 11/11/2015. After having emergency surgery and being in the hospital for 10 days, I was able to leave with a colostomy and a walker. I had physical therapy for 6 weeks and had two walkers. As I was beginning my 2nd round of 6months of chemo, my Mom passed away.

There were many financial stresses, but my hubby of 19 years was my biggest supporter and worked around the clock as my caregiver while caring for our 3 kiddos and holding down a full-time job which was not sympathetic to our situation in the least. Yet, we did it together, as a team and a family. We are grateful to God for bringing us through every battle together.”

Message to other cancer patients

Message for cancer patients

“Become stronger in your faith, whatever that is, set goals after treatment is done(I set a goal to run a Rugged Maniac 5k 2months after I stopped chemo) find a purpose greater than yourself to help take the stress and fear away, surround yourself with uplifting and positive people, laugh a lot, dance, pray, cry and dream!!!”


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