Soft Tissue Sarcoma Fighter Who Is A Director And A Writer

Soft Tissue Sarcoma Fighter is Director and Writer

“You are always a person, a friend, a partner with a illness, never just an illness with a person attached. Always remember that.”

Shauna O’Toole was diagnosed with Fibromatosis, a rare soft tissue sarcoma in April 2016. She is fighting her disease. She is a Director and a Writer.

The Diagnosis

“10 years ago when I was 13 I found a lump on my groin. My parents were very very ill so I didn’t want to add any more stress to my family. So instead I kept it hidden as it grew in size. When I was 21 (2016) I met my finacè who convinced me to go and do something about it. So after 3 months of biopsies I was diagnosed in April with Fibromatosis, a rare soft tissue sarcoma.”

The Journey

Soft Tissue Sarcoma Fighter's Journey

“I spent a lot of time in the unknown, not knowing if I would wake up in the morning, when you start living like that you start living each day like it might be your last. So since I was 13 that’s been my motto. I’m sick, but I am me first and I will do everything I can and want to even though I am ill.”

Motivation to fight cancer:

“My partner and my family. I don’t have an awful lot of self-worth but they make me want to fight it harder and harder. I want a normal life and they want me to live a normal life and I will do anything to get that done.”

Biggest hindrance:

“My mobility is shot, I’m in pain 99% of my life and I’m constantly in and out of hospital with sepsis of the kidneys. Above all else my depression tells me that is any of it, the treatments, hospitals… Are they worth it. Although these things hinder me I still graduated from university this year and I never once let it try and stop me.”

Message to other cancer patients

Message for cancer patients

“You need to realize you are unstoppable. You are living every day with something most people can’t even begin to imagine and yet, you can still find the energy to smile. It’s amazing. You are amazing.”


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