Dermatofibrosarcoma Survivor Says Every Emotion Is Valid

Dermatofibrosarcoma Survivor

“No pain we endure, No trial we Experience is ever wasted” – Orsion F. Whitney

Megan was diagnosed with sarcoma on March 10th, 2017. She has successfully defeated her disease.

The Diagnosis

“I was diagnosed March 10th, 2017. Doctors were convinced that the tumor on my ribcage/flank area was benign and was removing it for purely cosmetic purposes. 4 days after surgery I got the call that the tumor was actually a very rare form of cancer (dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans). So rare it is actually nicknamed “unicorn cancer”

The Journey

Dermatofibrosarcoma Survivor's Journey

“My journey with cancer was brief, terrifying, and life changing! The surgeon in my hometown who originally removed the tumor wanted to remove the rest of the cancerous tissue in my body. But something didn’t feel right. So I literally canceled the surgery 2 days before I was supposed to get it. Drove 3 hours to my states cancer center. And went to the sarcoma clinic with a sticky note in my hand (that said what my cancer was because I couldn’t pronounce it) and asked if I could see one of the doctors there.

Greatly I was set up with one of their sarcoma surgeons, who surprisingly enough was one of 3 surgeons in the United States who specializes in DFSP. We gratefully were able to get scans done the next week to see just how deep cancer had set. And have my second and final cancer surgery 2 weeks after my initial appointment. Cancer went all the way through all 7 layers of skin, down to the facia and was SUPER close to being in my lungs, so it is a HUGE blessing that we found cancer when we did.”

Motivation to fight cancer

“I have multiple life-threatening chronic illnesses. And after my initial cancer diagnosis, my main thought was ‘No way, after all, I’ve been through am I going to let cancer be the end to my story!’.”

Biggest hindrance

“My journey with cancer was thankfully short and chemo free. But my biggest hindrance was the fear that comes with a cancer diagnosis. Hearing the words ‘you have cancer’ changes everything.”

Message to other cancer patients

Message for cancer patients

“Cancer taught me that every emotion is valid. Don’t put on a brave face 24/7. You have to let yourself feel. Your life has forever been changed. You have to let yourself cry, grief, scream and fully process everything that comes with a cancer diagnosis.”


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