Oropharyngeal Cancer Survivor Is Now A Professional Artist


“Be brave, be bold and thrive in the life you have. You never know when it’s going to change.”

Benjamin Prewitt was diagnosed with inoperable stage 3 oropharyngeal cancer. He also has young onset Parkinson’s. He has successfully defeated his disease and is an artist and a father now.

The Diagnosis

He was diagnosed with stage 3 inoperable oropharyngeal cancer on 5th November 2016.

The Journey

“My journey with cancer has been a story of loneliness, fear, loss, true friendship and finally healing. I lost a lot of my friend group. People don’t like to watch what they can’t control”

From his blog:

“November 5, 2016:

I’m diagnosed with inoperable stage 3 oropharyngeal cancer. I’ve 2 tumors in my throat, but not metastatic lymph node and two tiny spots on my lungs.

After a brief announcement period and a ton of best wishes, I find myself walking to the first day of Chemotherapy alone. This one simple act was to define my life for the next 10 weeks and possibly forever.

November 20/2016:

Today I started 1 of 30 sessions of Radiation treatment. Then weekly infusions of a highly toxic and problematic chemotherapy drug called Cisplatin. I’m later to find just how nauseous a human can get.

Fast forward time to:

January 25th. I’m finishing up almost 10 weeks of treatment and have 2-3 degree radiation burns on the inside of my mouth a throat. Surprisingly I find the next 2 weeks even worse as the doctors all warned me about, but you can’t really explain what “worse” is after someone has just been through what I’d been through. But he was right the pain was out of control. All I can say is the worst strep throat I’d ever had compared not even in the same league.”

Motivation to fight cancer

“I wanted to see my son again.”

Biggest hindrance

“I was alone almost the whole time, except for a driver to my treatments. Every other weekend or so a friend would drop off some protein shakes.”

Message to other cancer patients

“Cancer doesn’t have you, you are going through a process with cancer and keep reminding yourself that the other end of this process is cancer free. One just has to live through the treatment.”

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