Mother Of 2 Years Old Brain Cancer Fighter Shares His Journey


“Family support is the biggest love on earth.”

Anton was diagnosed with brain cancer on 23rd March 2018. He is fighting his disease. He is just 2 years old.

The Diagnosis

“23rd of March this year. Anton was in hospital to get checked after month not knowing what was wrong with him. He was really thin, almost died of starvation. A lot of doctors and psychiatrists tried to figure out what kind of a sickness he has. After we got back to hospital again they wanted to make more check-ups. They did an ultrasound on his fontanelle and found a shadow. Right after that, they did an MRI and found this enormous tumor!”

The Journey

“It is a long journey (the beginning of the story I told you in the story how Anton found out). After that nobody really had a plan what to do… the doctors of oncology where confused cause this tumor was so giant but Anton didn’t have any other handicaps than not eating. The tumor was actually around his optic nerve but he was able to see everything.

They said he is way too thin to do an operation or chemo right away. So he got a surgery for a venous access to get nutrients and fats through this. When he gained weight they did brain surgery to find out what kind of tumor it is. Everything went good and they found out the kind of the tumor: pilocytic astrocytoma. They decided to do chemo for 1.5 years and that’s the plan for now.

They are not doing radio therapy because he is too young. In October they will do the next MRI to see what the chemo did for now. And now Anton’s has chemo once in a while and still has a problem to eat. He is doing okay he just pukes a lot. But he is a big fighter and is doing a good job.”

Motivation to fight cancer

“He is too young to tell us but we know that he wants to be with his family till he is a grandpa and he spreads good vibes all the time so he doesn’t want to leave us alone. I want mum and dad not to be afraid everyday”

Biggest hindrance

“The first 6 weeks I had to stay in hospital and we were not allowed to go home at any time”

Message to other cancer patients

“Never lose your smile because it makes you and others to feel better.”

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