Mom Of 12 Year Old Leukemia Survivor Shares Her Journey

12 Year Old Leukemia Survivor

“Always believe!!!”

Kay was diagnosed with Leukaemia in December, 2017. She has successfully defeated her disease. She was just 12 years old when she was diagnosed with ALL.

The Diagnosis

Leukemia Survivor's Journey

“In December 2017, 4 days before Christmas, my 12 year old daughter was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia. We learned after the 30 days of induction that her leukaemia was not responding to traditional chemo. After 71 days, she was discharged and began her journey with CAR T Cell immunotherapy. After CAR T therapy, we were in the hospital for 41 days. She achieved remission and was able to move forward with her bone marrow transplant. As of 8/28/18 we have been in the hospital for 32 days and she did well so far. She has had some really hard days, but is truly a warrior.”

The Journey

“It has been hard and not a day goes by we are not faced with the reminder of cancer and that can change your life in a blink of an eye. Once we learned she qualified for transplant, we had a hard time finding her a donor with the HLA type she needed. After searching, we decided to go with cord blood and we have so far been successful.”

Motivation to fight cancer

“Fighting for all the other little warriors who have lost their battle with cancer!”

Biggest hindrance

“Not being able to be home with family and friends.”

Message to other cancer patients

Message for cancer patients


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