Meningioma Survivor Becomes A Fitness And Health Coach

Angel Faulk Meningioma Survivor

“Do what you CAN do!”

Angel Faulk was diagnosed with meningioma – a type of brain tumor. But despite all the odds, she battled cancer and came out as a winner. She is now a fitness and health coach.

The Diagnosis

“I lost my hearing and after 3 years I finally got the diagnosis of a meningioma on the brain stem. This was a benign 🧠 Tumor, but treated like cancer because of location.”

The Journey

Angel Faulk Meningioma Survivor journey

“I was a very strong fitness instructor, never sick, so I was shocked to discover I had a brain tumor in the worse possible location. After a 14-hour long surgery I looked like scary monster. The tumor had crushed my auditory nerve and severely stretched my facial nerve. I lost the ability to smile or move the right side of my face. I had to relearn to walk, talk, swallow.

They told me it may be 1 1/2 years until I teach fitness classes again. But I was in the gym after 6 weeks and teaching Zumba, Spinning, Weights classes after 12 weeks! I never got my hearing or facial nerve back, but after facial therapy there was improvement. All was going well until a year later; I had an MRI at my checkup. I was devastated the tumor had grown back! I received 27 radiation treatments.

I lost my hair, had horrible spots on my face, was told I could lose my teeth. The worse part was having fever and chills for two weeks, losing 15 pounds, thinking I was dying. My children were in elementary and middle school. And the hardest part was missing out on their special activities and memories.

I’ll never forget my son saying, “at least we know it’s working.” My daughter developed an eating disorder and I was driving her to counselling too! I don’t know how I did it, but a Mom will do anything for her kiddos. It was after that when I started looked more into nutrition and supplements. I learned that I needed more antioxidants, less processed foods. That is how my ministry “the fitness angel” started. I began helping others get fit and healthy at the cellular level.”

Motivation to fight against cancer

“My children, Lydia and Ethan.”

Biggest hindrances

“I can’t think of any. I always knew I would get through this with God’s help.”

Message to other cancer fighters

Angel Faulk Message to other cancer fighters

“Let family and friends help you, listen to inspirational music, read uplifting books, pray and meditate on God’s promises. Eat healing foods and get the best nutrition possible!”


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