Liposarcoma Survivor Becomes An Author



Marie was diagnosed with myxoid liposarcoma but she has now successfully defeated her disease. She kicked cancer out of her life and became an author of ‘Dare to Choose – A Journey Of Self Healing’.

The Journey

“I was diagnosed with myxoid liposarcoma, a rare form of cancer with little survival rates on treatment. I was told to go home and get my affairs in order. I decided to go on a natural healing journey. Surgeon removed the tumors except for one as it was a difficult operation to perform. I visualized that tumor disappearing and after 6 months there was no trace of it on any scans! I have had a hip Replacement, femur replacement, several tumors removed from my breasts and a whipple’s procedure.

I took up meditation, visualization, changed my diet to an alkaline diet eliminating all red meat, chicken Dairy, gluten and preservatives. Exercise became a part of my everyday routine. I changed my thoughts and became a more positive person in order to heal my body. I knew my life depended on me making better choices.

I’m also an author and wrote a book about my journey- Dare to Choose.: Dare to Choose chronicles author Marie Chronopoulos story as a cancer survivor, recounting the moments following the devastating news and the incredible life transformation that she underwent to take back control of her body and her fate. She turned her disease into an opportunity to become the best version of herself she could possibly be. Life is about choices, believing in yourself, and having the courage to face all of your fears. No matter what we are facing it’s up to you how you react, what you accept, and what you believe.

Marie wrote Dare to Choose with the belief that someday she would have a success story to tell, an inspirational story to cheer people on and help them bear witness to their own journey. She wants readers to understand that no matter what they are facing or going through in life they have the power to make changes and create new miracles in their lives by choosing to change the story they are believing and telling themselves.”

Motivation to fight cancer

“My children, and to inspire others facing the same journey.”

The biggest hindrance

“Negative people.”

Message to other fighters

“Believe in yourself, believe in healing no matter what! Live life on your terms. Change your thoughts, change your life. Only choose things that serve you well and research, take control of your journey. You may have cancer but hey it’s your journey, you own it, you live it the best you can and believe in miracles because they do happen like magic… I’m A perfect example of that!”

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