Leukemia Survivor Is Now A Multimedia Journalist

Leukemia Survivor Is A Multimedia Journalist

Courtenea Brown was diagnosed with leukemia at age of 25. She has successfully defeated her disease. She is now a multimedia journalist.

The Diagnosis

“At age 25. I was misdiagnosed initially because my primary didn’t run a blood test. Eventually, a hematologist diagnosed me and sent me to Montefiore hospital in the Bronx.”

The Journey

Leukemia Survivor's Journey

“I thought the psychological breakdown of getting out of a relationship was hard.

I found out getting cancer is even worse. When I was told I have Leukemia, I had to ask the doctor if that’s Cancer. That’s how uneducated about my diagnosis I was. I cried immediately, instantly a dark cloud, clouded my sight. I’m only twenty-five, how could this be possible? I quickly thought, “This must be my death sentence”. I couldn’t stop crying for the life of me.

Being admitted into the hospital for treatment one day lasted for a month. That’s when psychologically I was going through a battle. Uplifting my spirits became a challenge. Constantly reminding myself to be strong, life isn’t always fair. Sickness doesn’t come when you are ready, It has its own schedule. I had to check out of my old reality, in order to recognize my own strength in this new reality. I couldn’t reminisce about who I was before, what I might be missing, and what I had to give up.

Cancer gave me a fresh start. Reaching within myself to gain a broader perspective on life. I had to pull myself out of the darkness, recognize my unrecognizable blessings. I’ve reached new heights going through cancer. There’s another form of people that not only I can see, but I also hear and feel. I’m a woman, who can relate to so many others. Now I can relate to those that know what it feels like to live with cancer.

Now one of my main goals in life is empowerment, speaking with people that need help finding their voice, their purpose. I’ve been blessed with the voice of being a survivor. Through my own actions, I hope to inspire another survivor, whether they survived cancer, or a terrible break-up, or a relationship that would have left them dead. We are all survivors of something, recognizing that power, sometimes isn’t easily attainable, but very reachable. I triumph over the hurdles of leukemia, by not allowing them to become a roadblock in my life.”

Motivation to fight cancer

“To be there for my loved ones. To also be there for others that need to hear my stories. “

Biggest hindrance

“Accepting having cancer in the midst of my twenties.”

Message to other cancer patients

Message for cancer patients

“Survival is more than physical; acceptance will be your best friend.

There will be a time where you want to cry all the time, cry. Let it out! Believe in the bigger picture, belief in life!”


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