Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Survivor Runs An Amazing Blog And Is Helping Others

Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Survivor Runs An Amazing Blog

“I’m heaven there won’t be any pain, confusion or loss. We will see clearly. So I embrace my moment of pain now and give Him praise in the midst of it. Because that’s an offering I’ll never have a chance to give Him in heaven. Every moment is an opportunity to give god something in worship.”

Abby Shoenfelt, was diagnosed with Lymphoma in February 2017. She has successfully defeated her disease. She is a Doctor, the author of TheMommyMD.com, and Instagram @themommymd, a Christ loving wife. Her passion is to help others live their best life.

The Diagnosis

She was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in February 2017.

The Journey

Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Survivor's Journey

“I’m a doctor, wife, mother of at that time a 1-year-old baby, in my first year of residency working 90H a week – found a giant hard lump on the lower right side of my neck and for a CT which showed a large mass there and in my chest. Did 6 months of chemo while still working and was cured only to have a relapse 2 months after finishing chemo where I was sent to MD Anderson and several pathologists couldn’t figure out why my cancer was back as but finally, they all concluded that I was cancer free and didn’t need any more chemo.”

Motivation to fight cancer

“Why give up? Why stay upset, why be anything but happy. Otherwise, you’re miserable and so is everyone else “

Biggest hindrance

“Nausea, people thinking I wasn’t going through hell just because I had a smile on the outside and kept working through it all.”

Message to other cancer patients

Message for cancer patients

“God no matter what is still GOOD. We are all mortal, and having the blessing to have the time to encounter your own mortality is a gift not everyone gets. Enjoy your life, your family, tell them you love them, buy the shoes, sing out loud. Cancer sucks but there must be good to come from it. Tell your story.”


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