Giving Up Is Not An Opninon Says Thyroid Cancer Fighter

Thyroid Cancer Fighter

“You are not in charge of the life you are given, but you are in charge of how you choose to live it.”

The Diagnosis

“January 2018 I went to a check-up for my lupus, I had been feeling really sick lately but had a lot going on. My husband was overseas and going through a custody battle with my ex-husband. During my appointment, my heart rate was really high so they called an ambulance and sent me to the hospital. At the hospital during a ton of tests they did on me, they found some tumours on the left side of my thyroid.”

The Journey

Thyroid Cancer Fighter's Journey

“Once the tumours were found, they started trying to get me into a doctor’s office so I could have tests to find out what was going on with them. A few people were just kinda brushed it off so I thought it was no big deal. So January tumours were found, it was April before I had a biopsy done on my thyroid. Once it came back as malignant they were in super speed mode to get things taken care of.

I had surgery in May. After my total thyroidectomy, I had Radioactive Iodine Treatment in July. The army sent my husband home to be with me during treatments and we were assigned a new duty station and now live in Tennessee.”

Motivation to fight cancer

“My family, I would be nothing without my family. My life has been my kids since I first brought them into this world. I want to show them and others that you are stronger than what you face.”

Biggest hindrance

“Oh, I would defiantly say my biggest hindrance is being an Army wife. Only having a “home” every few years is hard. Starting over with doctors and “plans” and being alone. A lot of time as a military spouse you are forced to be on your own and not know where your other half is or when they will be home. So just getting your mind around the fact that this is a huge battle and you’re going to need to find new battle buddies.”

Message to other cancer patients

Message to other cancer patients

“Once someone tells you that you have that C word. You instantly are scared, feel alone, defeated, and unsure what your first step is. It’s okay to scream, it’s okay to cry, and taking some time for yourself to cope is TOTALLY normal. Giving up is not an option. So do whatever it is for YOU to be okay. You are not alone and there are others who understand, and welcome to the club.”


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