Ewing Sarcoma Survivor Now An Author

Ewing Sarcoma Survivor Now An Author

“Do not make permanent decisions based off of temporary feelings” -Brandi Benson

Brandi L. Benso was diagnosed with Ewing Sarcoma in 2009. She has successfully defeated her disease. She is author of the book “The Enemy Inside Me”.

The Diagnosis

“I was diagnosed with Ewing Sarcoma in 2009 while I was deployed in Iraq at the age of 24.”

The Journey

Ewing sarcoma survivor the journey

“My journey of cancer was scary as we all can imagine. I was just 24 years old and was deployed fighting for my country. I discovered the tumor on January 17th after a workout I had and, this discovery propelled me into action. I was sent to Baghdad, Germany, and then finally Walter Reed in DC – where I received nearly 90 rounds/cycles of chemotherapy, where I learned how to walk again and where I had to test both my mental strength and faith.

It was at Walter Reed where I made some great friends that would all pass away due to their cancers and where I discovered a new passion for my life. During my time here, I wrote a journal that detailed my daily routines, my secrets, my failing marriage, my fears and my happy days. I vowed to myself that if I lived, I would turn this journey and journal into a book. I am proud to say I kept my promise to myself. I have published my book, and it is titled “The Enemy Inside Me” and can be purchased on my website: www.BrandiLBenson.com .

My hopes of this book are to encourage others and not to get lost in the clouds of depression. I was faced with a very rare and aggressive cancer. The doctors were scared for me and even threatened to amputate my entire left leg starting at my hip bone. They said I would never run again. They said my life would change forever. I am a testament that with my strong faith and my amazingly supportive family, I lived. And not only did I live, but I have my leg, I compete in long races, and my life is better after cancer. I was not ready to let the blanket of death cover me. My will to live was too strong and so should everyone!”

Motivation to fight cancer

“My motivation to fight cancer was my family. Particularly my nephew, Donavin. He was three at the time and I wanted to watch him grow up and play sports and be great. I did not want to leave this earth and my nephew barely knowing me or having any memories with me.”

Biggest hindrance

“My biggest hindrance with this journey was my faith. This event truly tested my faith. Before this experience, my faith in God was not strong, but I am here before you now to say that there is a higher power and a spiritual world at work that our five sense cannot comprehend. After this traumatic event, my goal is to become an ambassador and talk to patients and survivors to give them real hope and real advice.”

Message to other cancer patients

Ewing Sarcoma survivor shares her message to other cancer patients

“My message to others going through this patch in life is: never give up. We are the masters of our lives. We say when it is over. Our bodies are created to heal ourselves. When we get a scratch, a scab grows. Our mind and body are strong than we think and know.”


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