Cervical Cancer Survivor Runs A Video Blog Of Her Insiring Journey

Cervical Cancer Survivor Runs A Video Blog

Melissa Kirkendall was diagnosed with stage 1 cervical cancer on Feb 2, 2018. She has successfully defeated her disease. She is motivating others and helping them in their journey. She also runs a video blog.

The Diagnosis

“She was diagnosed on Feb 2, 2018, in Austin TX with cervical cancer.

The Journey

cervical cancer survivor journey

“I went in to get a women’s wellness check-up in Nov of 2017 and discovered I wasn’t well… after a couple more doctor visits and a surgical biopsy it was determined that I had aggressive stage 1 cervical cancer that was headed towards my lymph nodes so it was important to act quickly to hopefully get it before it got me. 2 months later I had a radical hysterectomy at MD Anderson in Houston on April 11th and a few days after that I was given the news that I was now cancer free. The surgery was successful!

Even though my journey was short, it was quite stressful as I was underinsured when the journey began and my original cancer doctor in Austin wasn’t compassionate. With determination, stubbornness, strong support from my friends and family and a little bit of cosmic luck, I managed to find a way to secure better insurance which allowed me to go to a much better compassionate doctor at one of the best cancer facilities in the world to get the treatment I needed.”

Motivation to fight cancer

“Not Dying “

Biggest hindrance

“Money. Bad insurance… but again, I stayed strong in my conviction to find a solution. Giving up just wasn’t an option. I have a philosophy that all problems and just orange cones in various sizes… but all orange cones can be removed or moved around – you just can’t give up finding the solution. I never gave up, and I was able to go with my 1st choice solution. I had back up plans, but my focus was on my 1st choice of going to MD Anderson for treatment… even my doctor at MD Anderson was delighted and surprised I figured it out!!”

Message to other cancer patients

Message for cancer patients

“Things that I did that I feel strongly were part of why it all worked out for me that might be helpful to others who have found themselves diagnosed with cancer are:

  1. I never claimed cancer. What I mean by this, is I decided to treat cancer as an unwanted visitor in my body that I had to figure out how to run off. I rarely said, “I have cancer”… Instead, I would say something like “cancer is visiting my body right now.” The whole 2 months I dealt with this, I had this deep thread of denial about it almost as if when I were speaking about myself having cancer that it was someone else’s cancer, not mine.

    I, of course, didn’t let this keep me from getting all the tests and ultimately surgery, but I think it kept me from thinking about the possibility of it getting worse. I just knew deep in me in every way that I was going to evict cancer from my body. I simply wouldn’t accept any other outcome in my mind and in my heart. This attitude kept me strong even when I was fighting with the monetary obstacles of trying to afford treatment.

  2. While I was struggling with where I could afford treatment I asked myself that if money were not an issue, where would I go? Without hesitation, I knew it was MD Anderson. Once I had that conversation with myself, I put all my energy into believing that was what was going to happen… and so it did. I didn’t drop my back up plan, but I moved forward with MD Anderson with a strong confidence and belief that somehow and some way it was going to work out the way I wanted. The end result was even better than I had hoped for myself!!

In short. Stay positive. Think about what your best outcome could be if there were no limitations or obstacles and focus on that. Don’t claim cancer as yours… it is a foreign visitor in your body that you did not invite in and now you simply have to figure out how to get it to leave because you deserve a healthy body. You are more powerful than cancer.”


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