Cervical Cancer Survivor Becomes An Entrepreneur


“I have my own saying… Spare no day, no minute, no second. Time isn’t promised, but it is permitted. (Jamilah Lawry)”

Jamilah Lawry was diagnosed with cervical cancer in 1996 when she was 18 years old. She has now successfully kicked cancer and made her way to become an entrepreneur. She owns Small Biz Boutique, a tech firm (My Biz Consulting LLC), and Indastreets radio. Also, she is an actress, artist, and author.

The Diagnosis

“The 1st time when I was diagnosed with cervical cancer in 1996, I was only 18 years old.”

The Journey

“I went through a massive bout of biopsies, freezing of the cervix and scrapings. I refused a hysterectomy as I still remained optimistic about having more children, someday. After those processes were successful, I was cancer free and only had to go in for yearly visits for check-ups. I went on to live my dream as a rap artist, go on tour get married, and although it was difficult, a second child.

In 2008 after being hospitalized during a video shoot, I spent a few days in the hospital after losing consciousness, only to receive the news that I had a cancerous lymph node near my liver. I immediately did research that resulted in me being depressed. I quit my job. I was a single mom at the time and I prepared my children for the worst.

My father began to teach me about healthy eating, the healing remedies of the earth, and I reluctantly began to take his advice. I avoided dangerous treatments and changed my diet, my way of life, and my thinking. It’s been 10 years, and each time I visit the doctors, the lymph node near my liver still remains the same size as a quarter.

Although I feel afraid and uneasy about receiving any additional treatments other than natural remedies, I currently like my traditional 2 cups of soursop tea a week, my tongue dose of Graviola and constant prayer assisted by my vegan diet. I feel great and motivated to live. In the past few years, I’ve watched 5 of my aunts and uncles and both maternal and paternal grandmothers lose their fight to cancer. Today I sit and watch my uncle currently battle his last days and it hurts my heart. I wish everyone should simply understand how to change their lifestyle to extend their time.”

Motivation to fight cancer

“My motivation to fight was for my children. I first wanted to stay alive at least until my oldest was 18 and could care for her sister. Then I realized I had to build a business so that I could leave a legacy, generational wealth.”

The biggest hindrance

“Medical care. Having a pre-existing condition and trying to be gainfully employed relying on the health care providers, was impossible.”

Message to other cancer patients

“Maintain your mental health, change your diet, exercise and smile often.”

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