Cervical Cancer Fighter Says Don’t Think Too Far

cervical cancer fighter

“Don’t worry about tomorrow as it only ruins today.”

Cara was diagnosed with cervical cancer in April 2015. She is fighting her disease.

The Diagnosis

“I was first diagnosed April 2015 when I was 25 weeks pregnant with my first child. After an MRI scan and a meeting with the surgeon I decided to have a caesarean followed by a hysterectomy at 32 weeks. Luckily my baby girl did amazingly well for being so early. I had further treatment of chemotherapy and radiotherapy as cancer was found in two of the lymph nodes that had been removed.

The cancer returned in May 2016 and I was offered major surgery to remove many of my non vital organs to try to remove the cancer. It was a long, hard recovery but it was worth it for a chance of a cure.

Unfortunately my cancer returned in my lymph nodes a year later and I learned that it was incurable. I had 10 cycles of chemotherapy, lost my hair, gained some weight but it was worth it as the lymph nodes had shrunk apart from one, which remained stable. It eventually grew and I pushed for surgery to remove it. Luckily I got my wish. Now it’s just a waiting game to see when the cancer returns.”

The Journey

cervical cancer fighter journey

“It’s been awful at times and the thought of not being there to see my daughter grow up breaks my heart. I do try to keep those thoughts to a minimum. It’s not been all bad though – we’ve made a real effort as a family to get away to various cities and spend some quality time together. I don’t think a month went past when we didn’t go away! I also try to spend time with my friends, enjoying good food and I love shopping.”

Motivation to fight cancer

“My daughter.”

Biggest hindrance

“There not being enough treatments available for metastatic cancer.”

Message to other cancer patients

“Keep going! Don’t think too far ahead, take it day by day.”

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