“Cancer Is Kind Of A Test, And You Will Pass It” Says Colon Cancer Survivor

colon cancer survivor story

“Pain is temporary, pride is forever.”

Paula was diagnosed with colon cancer last year but she has now successfully defeated her disease and lives a healthy life. Read her inspiring story to know more.

The Diagnosis

“Last year, accidentally.”

The Journey

colon cancer survivor's journey

“Hello, I’m Paula and I come from Poland. I came to Germany more than year ago. In September I started to feel a little pain in my stomach, went to doctor but I needed to wait to visit a specialist and for tests. So, I was waiting. My pain was bigger and bigger. In November I had date at the doctor. And then gastroscopy. It was all good so doctor gave me only pills for my reflux. But next day pain was still harder, and the next day I couldn’t withstand so I came back to this doctor and I was begging for another tests.

He did them. He made USG and he was quiet. He had big eyes and talked to me in German. Because my German wasn’t good yet I asked for a talk in English. I remember only few words. tumor, colon, hospital right now. I didn’t know what to do or what to say so I took my bag and went to hospital. I though its only appendix or something like this. It was round 8 p.m. I was waiting in hospital (they all thought its appendix too) for an operation maybe 3 hours. I woke up at 3 a.m. with really huge pain in my stomach in intensive care didn’t know what happened or something.

Nurse gave me painkiller and I went to sleep. When I woke up in the morning doctors came to me for a talk but of course in German which I didn’t know so one of them, the boss, came back with translator. And in a while my heart was broken, my life was a ruin. He said it wasn’t appendix. It was colon cancer. Yes, me, young mother, young wife. I only asked if I’m going to die, he said ‘ no, it’s all out’. It was huge operation, I have huge scar on my stomach. I have few tests, everything was okay, no more tumors in my body. After almost 2 weeks in hospital I went to home.

And I was waiting for a chemotherapy. But after one week at home doctor phoned me that I’m totally healthy and I don’t need it! It was so amazing, me and my husband, we were crying because that means it’s the end of this nightmare. And now, after all this, I’m trying to eat only healthy food, I’m a smoker but I smoke less than earlier. I still believe that next tests (I need to check out my body every 6 months for a 5 years) will be also negative and it was only sad accident in my life, not my destiny.

My husband, mother and especially daughter gave me so much power and hope and I know I can’t fail them. I know I have reason to fight even when something is going to be wrong. My journey wasn’t long, but totally unexpected. Today I have thoughts too that cancer came back cause I have pain somewhere but my mind tells me ‘keep calm it’s not that, everything’s okay’. And I feel that cancer is not the end. It’s only a challenge. And I won!”

Biggest Hindrance

“Pain and my mind.”

Motivation to fight cancer

“My family, my little baby girl”

Message to other fighters

Message for cancer patients

“I think cancer is a kind of test. And I’m sure you’re going to pass it.”

Update: My genetics tests said that I have Lynch Syndrome. For my body that means that I can be attacked by cancer in every minute again. For my that means that I need to fight with my weakness, take a big care of myself and live in hope that i’ll be in that 10% who will live calmly till the end. But still i believe it’s a test for me, much bigger than i though but i can shake this shit off from my body every fcking time it gonna be back to me. That’s right, I was, I am and I will be survivor!’


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