Breast Cancer Survivor Shares Her Amazing Journey

Breast Cancer Survivor's Journey

“Live, laugh, love”

Michaela Jane was diagnosed with breast cancer in May 2016. She has successfully defeated her disease. She is a Pagan Eclectic Witch, a Goth, website hobbyist, part-time casual blogger and gamer who loves cats, books, tech, life, the world, the universe.

The Diagnosis

In May 2016, after having an inverted nipple. She visited a hospital after testing doctors confirmed she was diagnosed with breast cancer with a 5.5cm breast lump.

The Journey

breast cancer survivor

“On May 3rd, 2016 I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.

It was a shock! There was no cancer in my family, anywhere that I knew of! I have never smoked. I hadn’t drunk since my twenties!

No one can prepare you for something like this. No one really expects to get cancer. Even with the odds at 1 in 3 would get cancer, you still do not expect it to be you. The sad fact is, now, anyone born after 1960 has a 1 in 2 chance of getting it.

I had breast cancer. I also had a lump. A 5 cm lump!!! How? You could not feel a lump! I had my mammogram 2 years ago and it was clear. There was no lump. Everything I had been told in the past, how to check myself etc, did not help me in any way. I had fallen through the cracks. I think I was even more devastated at this point.”

She had a mastectomy and was given chemotherapy after it.

“The chemotherapy treatment was very hard. I started my 18-week chemotherapy treatment on Friday 22nd July. Needles! I Hate them. Chemotherapy was all about needles.”

After this, she was cancer free.

“I had finished my treatment. It felt odd. Suddenly I was alone, discharged for now from the hospital, I was not due back for a few months! I did not know what to expect. I was a mess. I was fat, bloated, tired, in pain, no hair, no energy, and no self-esteem. I was going to be on Tamoxifen for a few years and that has a weight gain side effect! How long was this all to last! Everything I had read said you could expect to feel good again by about three months, and I had absolutely no idea how! I was a real mess. How do you start again, pick up where you left off.”

After months of recovery.

“By the 1stAapril 2017, I was back to work fully on both my morning and afternoon jobs. I still suffer from tiredness and have to go back to bed each lunchtime still but I am a lot fitter, stronger and happier than I have been for years.”

“It has been a huge battle. It has been a journey I wish on no person. No one comes out of this without some scars. it also changes you, how you look and live life, how you feel things, how you react to others. You are also more grateful for life, you are alive, you have survived, you live each day as it is a gift. You will NEVER be as you were. You are a cancer survivor.”

Motivation to fight cancer

“To still be here for my son even though he had grown up “

Biggest hindrance

“Lack of empathy from my oncologist.”

Message to other cancer patients

Message for cancer patients


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