Breast Cancer Survivor Now Works On A Social Mission



Shannon was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015. She has now successfully defeated cancer and works on a social mission to use fashion as the platform to spark the social change that restores humanity.

The Diagnosis

“I was diagnosed with stage 2 triple negative breast cancer in 2015”.

The Journey

“On November 13, 2015, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and yes that was a shock for me too. This was definitely a game changer, to say the least. For a slight moment fear tried to jump in and have me thinking that my passion to serve others would end. Now, I know you may be thinking ‘OMG this is awful’, but before you start feeling sorry for me, let me tell you how this diagnosis has given me the opportunity to share my story of faith and perseverance.

After a lumpectomy, chemotherapy, and radiation, I knew God had more for me and my journey was not going to be a static nor ordinary with this cancer.

Now, I share what has been taboo or hidden in secrecy due to its life-threatening magnitude. I help professional entrepreneurs get their life back after cancer, and I use my gifts of art, creative design and speaking to turn their passions and causes into marketable fashion.

Cancer affects everyone and everything. I’m sure you know what I mean. When we think about how a negative entity sets in and destroy someone or something, we usually refer to it as a “CANCER“. LET ME TELL YOU THAT CANCER IS NOT MY ENTITY. Cancer doesn’t live here anymore and I will show you how to get your life back.”

Motivation to fight cancer

“After my diagnosis with Cancer in 2015, I knew that I was not you going to let #Cancer take my life. Taking my life was not even an option. I just knew that I was going to need to get my health together and take some time for #ME. I knew that I was going to need to dig deep and find the strength to keep my smile and my drive to make things happen.”

The biggest hindrance

“The hindrances were my ability to get back my full level of energy I had prior to cancer and the strength back in my arms.”

Message to other cancer patients

“My name is Shannon Griffin. I speak on survivorship of circumstances that try to take your life and keep you trapped. I help survivors get their life back, walk in their faith to activate their gifts.”

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