Breast Cancer Survivor Now A Wellness Coach


“ This too shall pass.”

Sharon was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer in October 2014. She has successfully defeated her disease. She is a wellness coach and supports people’s health and fitness Goals.

The Diagnosis

“2014, gut instinct after finding out my sister had it”.

The Journey

“Oct 2014, my pregnant younger sister rang to tell me to tell she had late stage 4 breast cancer. We were distraught!! I was also pregnant at the time…8 days later, I was diagnosed with late stage 3 breast cancer. (we later found out we do not carry the BRCA gene!) I was a teacher of 17 years and literally had to stop overnight.

I was 7 months pregnant and we had to bring my baby on so we could save both our lives. I was able to cuddle my baby in the hospital for 4 days before my battle began. My partner (who just proposed 2 weeks earlier) gave up his business of 23 odd years and helped bring up my 3 other children and our newborn. My children nursed me and never left my side.

Through my chemotherapy, radiotherapy, full hysterectomy, mastectomies, and double reconstruction, implants and infections my family became my rock. I lost everything … my health, my identity, the chance to enjoy with my newborn and children, my hair, my health, my job, my lady parts, my smile, my confidence, many friends, all our money and my soul.

But throughout the 8 operations and dark times, complete strangers (along with my family) became mine, “why”. Strangers put money in our letterbox, left cards with vouchers, gifted us food hampers and left casseroles at our door. Complete strangers equipped us with all we could need for a newborn…although mortified and embarrassed at times.. we were also humbled! It was here our family quickly learned about “the power of people, helping people”, at my darkest point where I questioned how I was ever going to continue on living in this pain and misery,

I came across some natural products through a health and wellness company that helped turn my health and life around… it wasn’t magic of course… it was just the nutrition that my body needed to get back on track.

I could barely move due to bone pain, steroids had me put on major weight, and I was clinically depressed… I hated myself and who I had become… I loathed happy people and resented life… I could not understand why this slow death sentence had happened to both me and my sister and our families.

Within 2 weeks of taking this nutrition, my health started shifting… I immersed myself into personal development, surrounded myself with positive happy people and my life started shifting… I was able to be a mummy again.!!!

I threw myself into embracing positivity in every area and blessed and released anyone and anything that didn’t serve me well.

Uncannily, out of all the pain, fear, loneliness and doubt, I was able to dig deep and find a side to me that I never knew existed… I discovered the real me and finally found alignment, health, and hope. I am so grateful.”

Motivation to fight cancer

“My newborn and children and partner… I would lay in bed, look out the window and see them playing in the garden and I could not be a part of it… it cut me to the core… many times. I had no strength to even hold my own baby. I knew I didn’t want my life to be like this and that I had the choice to sink or swim…. my eldest 3 had already seen me go through a painful divorce…something they had to go through as well… I sure as hell wasn’t going to have them lose a mummy on top of it!

My sister and my baby niece and her battle was also huge motivation… I needed to stay around to help her!”

Biggest hindrance

“I became my greatest hindrance… I got in my own way!!! (Negative thoughts, sense of helplessness etc)

Lack of money became an unwanted stress as well”

Message to other cancer patients

 real deep!!! You will surprise yourself and discover a side to you… a strength you never knew existed. Although your journey is soul destroying… stay as positive as you can, focus on the little things… things you can be grateful for… believe and trust in your body (even though you may feel it has failed you). The mind is a powerful thing and the body follows!! Trust in you now more than ever, and trust in your journey even though it is so frightening.

Learn to drop your pride through your journey and lean on the kindness of others (even strangers)… people are put in your path for a reason!! It is a humbling experience… bless and release all that brings negativity to you. Your life will never be the same again, but YOU WILL smile again… you will enjoy life again… just on a completely different level… “paying it forwards will soon become your mantra”!!”

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