Breast Cancer Survivor Gives Tips For Patients To Defeat The Disease


“It does, what it does. If you feel not right just walk away.”

Titaree Miharu was diagnosed with Breast cancer in, 2015. She successfully defeated her disease and now is a yoga teacher.

The Diagnosis

“She was 34-year old when she was diagnosed with second stage breast cancer.”

The Journey

“I use to take care of my mom and pay all the bills for our houses. When I was sick I lost my job as a model. I had no income also I didn’t have any health insurance. My boyfriend broke up with me after I got chemotherapy for the second time. We were in a relationship for 17 years.

After her diagnosis, she underwent a right side mastectomy. After her successful surgery, she received 6 cycles of chemotherapy.

After this, she was declared cancer-free. Nearly after 3 years of her mastectomy, she recently got a surgery for breast implant this year. Her journey was filled with many difficulties but she stood strong and overcome them. Not only did she defeat cancer but also trained herself to be a certified yoga trainer.

Motivation to fight cancer

“Belief in myself, I’m the boss of this body”

The biggest hindrances

“Money and Emotional unsteadiness.”

Message to other cancer patients

  • Don’t over think; it will make your situation even worse. Start living in the moment.
  • You need to trust your doctors, they have more experience and knowledge of the disease.
  • Don’t be shy, feel free to share your feelings with others and don’t hesitate in asking for help from others.
  • When you are diagnosed with cancer, don’t panic and don’t blame yourself for it.
  • Always Stay strong and love yourself.
  • Remember to smile and stay positive.
  • Stop thinking what other people think about you.
  • Living in simple rules Eat, sleep, poop, enjoy!
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