Breast Cancer Survivor Becomes Author, Speaker, Coach, And Entrepreneur

breast cancer survivor author, speaker, coach, entrepreneur

“Life is much better when you Choose Happy. Despite your uncontrollable circumstances you have the choice to Choose Happy and to Choose Life.”~ Lakeia Clark

Lakeia was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2017 but she didn’t give up, and defeated cancer. Now she is a photographer, author of “3 Steps To Early Detection of Breast Cancer”, speaker, coach, and entrepreneur. She is the founder of “Choose Happy” and also hosts a podcast show for it.

Some other books that she have written are:

No!!! Mommy has a boo boo in the boob. It’s Cancer – This is a story to help children cope when a family member is battling breast cancer. Children’s book with coloring pages.

Secrets of Breast Cancer knowing it exists is not enough: Secrets of The Battle From A Young Breast Cancer Survivor

The Overcoming Season

The Journey

journey of breast cancer

“I noticed a lump in my right breast, I told my family and they insisted that I go get it checked out. Initially, I hesitated about going to the doctor as I thought maybe it was not serious. It was not until I began to have a burning sensation in my breast. It hurt so bad that it brought tears to my eyes. I called and scheduled an appointment. I went in and they did a breast exam. The doctor stated that she felt a mass.

They scheduled me for a mammogram and a sonogram because of my age-33. Once the doctor reviewed the results, they insisted on a biopsy because the mass was solid. I scheduled the biopsy a week later. I went to have the biopsy done and headed home. I got in the car and just started praying, that’s all I could do, leave it in God’s hands.

I waited a few days and was called back in the office. That’s when the doctors sat me down at a table and said you have breast cancer. I was first diagnosed August 15, 2017 with Stage 2A breast cancer. I remember being in complete shock when I was diagnosed. I have no family history of breast cancer, and I was only 33.

Initially, I was supposed to have a lumpectomy and do hormone therapy. However, a week before my surgery my medical team sent me for additional testing. This is when they found out the cancer was more aggressive than they thought. So, the surgery I had scheduled was changed from a lumpectomy to the install of a mediport in order to receive chemotherapy. Things changed so much that once I finished my chemo treatments, I had to have a mastectomy.

I had my surgery and once the pathology report came back a week later it was determined they did not get it all. They did not clear the margins. Therefore, back in surgery I went. The second time they were able to clear all margins and there was no evidence of cancer. After healing a little, I started radiation. After about two weeks of radiation, I went back to follow up with my doctor to find out that I needed to have a year of transtuzumab.

I was frustrated because I was looking forward to being done active treatment. However, God has a way of sticking you in a thing and not taking you out until He is ready. What I learn is that from here on out I must look at my cancer as a chronic disease that I have to maintain. It’s just like having a prescription for eyewear. You will have glasses all your life unless you have the surgery. With breast cancer, you will have to be mindful of it forever. It’s just a necessary process in order to ensure our survival.

After many treatments and surgeries later I am here, ready to share my story and spread awareness to young women like myself. If you feel something abnormal go get checked. With an early diagnosis, breast cancer is far more survivable and curable. I hope that my story is able to inspire others that may be going through a difficult situation.

I pray everyday simply by saying Heavenly Father, I come to you as humble as I know how to give thanks for the many blessings you have bestowed upon my life. Thank You for the ups and the downs, my cloudy days, and the sunshine and rain. Most Graciously Father, you said it in your word that in order to have a Testimony you Must have a test. To have an abundance of Faith of the size of a mustard seed and believe that, I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me. (Phili 4;13).

Father God when you made me the chosen vessel which was already preordained in the womb, that I will be diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer at the age of 33, I literally thought my life was over and was afraid of the possibility of dying. My mind was cloudy, my heart was broken, I felt that my health was being attack by the enemy But yet, my Faith was never shaken. I often questioned, “Why Me Lord” but God said, “Why Not You”! Don’t you know that God gives his toughest battles to his strongest soldiers.

In the Bible Psalm 27;1 , The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? The Lord is my strength of my life; whom shall I be afraid? I’ve trusted his process and not my diagnosis and by His Stripes, I Am Healed! As I continue to adjust to my new normal, I’ve grown mentally, physically, and spiritually. I know that my work isn’t completed, God doesn’t birth Failures. I have a purpose and I will continue to share my story.”

Motivation to fight cancer

“I wanted to live. I wanted to be here. I felt life was not over for me. I still have much to accomplish. Besides, I believed that God would heal my body if I did my part which was fight and do what my doctors required of me. He would stand by his word that He would protect me.”

The biggest hindrance

“During the time I was diagnosed the only thing that slowed the process in the beginning was ‘Hurricane Harvey’. Due to the inclement weather I was not able to get to the doctor for a month till the city of Houston recovered and roads became accessible. I would call the doctors daily because I knew I had cancer and I was ready to start treatment but had to wait. That was scary.”

Message to other cancer patients

message to other patients

“My message to other cancer patients is fight. Fight to live for you and your loved ones. It’s not over. You still have life. Change the lens in which you view your cancer. Look at your diagnosis not as an obstacle but an opportunity. You have the ability to respond to your situation either negatively or positively. I had a choice on how I responded. I Choose Happy despite of Hell.

This entire process was not what I wanted to endure. Yet, it was necessary in order to live after being diagnosed with breast cancer. Some things we go through in life will not feel good but will be essential to our survival. So, keep pushing because you need you.”


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