Breast Cancer Survivor Becomes An Infuencer


“I had cancer, cancer did not have me!”

Micha was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013. Now she has successfully defeated cancer and become an influential identity & has won several awards till now.

  • 2016 Spirit Reign Visionary award.
  • 2016 Community Woman of the Year award
  • 2015 Top Influencer in the City of Huntsville
  • Nominated for the most slept on radio personality in the south by the Southern Entertainment Awards.

The Diagnosis

“In May of 2013, my life was turned upside down. Being diagnosed with stage two breast cancer at the age of 31 was more than unbelievable for the first few days. It was unbearable. Before my diagnosis, I just knew that in October people wore pink and I thought only old women got it.”

The Journey

“I was extremely confused and angry at first. However, after a few days and a great conversation with a close friend of the family, I got it together. I kept it semi-private until I finished half my chemo treatments. I work in radio, so I decided to announce it on the air for my listening audience to be a part of the journey. It was so freeing. From that day on I fought like crazy. After 18 weeks of chemo, lumpectomy, and 37 radiation treatments I was declared Cancer free.

I was actually declared that before I started radiation but it was official when I finished those treatments. I had amazing support from my family, friends, co-workers, and church family. My pastor was actually the first person I told. Pastor AD kept me positive even when it was hard to understand. 5 years later I’m still cancer free. I went to work every day, drove, lived alone, celebrated friend’s birthdays and weddings, and I also went on a family trip to Hawaii. My goal was to live. It wasn’t easy at all, but I know it was all God that gave me the strength I did have. I had cancer, cancer did not have me.”

Motivation to fight cancer

“My family!”

The biggest hindrance

“Balancing my emotions. Sometimes my thoughts would get the best of me. Whenever you’re used to being in control of your body then all of a sudden you aren’t… it does something to you. Also, loss of taste buds! Everything tasted like cardboard.”

Message to other fighters

“Live! Don’t let the diagnosis stop you. It actually should encourage you to live better!”

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