Brain Cancer Fighter Ask To Other Never Give Up

brain cancer patient sophie wardle

“The devil whispered in my ear, “You’re not strong enough to withstand the storm.” Today I whispered in the Devil’s ear, “I am the storm.””

Sophie Wardle was diagnosed with Brain cancer in March 2014 and then again in April 2018. She is fighting her disease.

The Diagnosis

“I was first diagnosed with a grade 2 low-grade brain tumour in March 2014. This changed to an aggressive grade 3 brain tumour April 2018”

The Journey

“My journey has been difficult knowing it was a forever diagnosis. My cancer caused epilepsy, so I dealt with seizures and had a lot of medication for that. I had my first craniotomy in March 2014 where I underwent 10 hours of brain surgery. After that, I went on to watch and wait where every 3 months I would receive a brain MRI to see if there had been any progression.

All had been well up until April of 2018 where my brain tumour had changed to what is classed as highly aggressive and non-curative. I received another craniotomy in August which was awake brain surgery. I am now undergoing 6 weeks of radiotherapy and 12 months of chemotherapy. I’m just hoping I can get through all treatments”

Motivation to fight cancer

“My children”

Biggest hindrance

“Being in the hospital, the travelling and the medication”

Message to other cancer patients

“Fight with everything you have and never give up”


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