Brain Cancer Fighter Shares Her Journey


brain cancer fighter

Favourite quote

“You are not alone”

Cathy Fischer was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2008. She is fighting her disease since last 10 years.

The Diagnosis

“2008 because of migraines I got an MRI, the migraines had nothing to with my brain tumor”

The Journey

brain cancer fighter's journey

“In 2008 I had my very first MRI. After 2 years of very bad migraines. I went to get the MRI the MRI tech said your doctor didn’t order an MRI with a contrast, did I want it she asked I said yes. As soon as I was done with the MRI she said I needed to see my doctor asap. I went to a neurologist who said I might have the beginning stages of MS, a shadow, or a lesion. I left there and found a different neurologist.

I was told that I had a glioma in my right front temporal lobe and I was going on the wait and watch plan where every 3 months I got an MRI. I was doing so well they said to get an MRI every 6 months and that’s when my tumor grew in 2011. The doctor said to biopsy the tumor. I decided to get another opinion. As I went up to meet the new neurologist my insurance company called me and said I was approved for surgery. I hadn’t met the doctor yet. That’s when I was told I had cancer I had never heard that from a doctor. The doctor wanted to cut me ear to ear to ear.

I did not feel comfortable there. So I went to get another opinion. In 2011 I had my first surgery I had an astrocytoma grade 2. I am cut from the middle of my head to my ear. They couldn’t get all the tumor out they said I didn’t need chemo or radiation. I went on the wait and watch plan every 3 months. In 2014 the tumor grew again. It hadn’t grown enough for surgery. I went on chemo Temador. I finished my 9th round of chemo on Friday and Sunday I broke out head to toe with huge hives. I did a 10th round same thing happened. I am allergic to Temador the only thing I am allergic to. I went back on wait and watch.

In 2016 my tumor grew again but not enough for surgery. So I did chemo again loumustine/CCNU, it messed with my blood count so I had to stop it. I went back to every 3 months wait and watch. On June 28th 2018 my tumor grew again this time a lot. I needed surgery again. July 17th I had my second surgery, they took out my astrocytoma but they found another tumor that did not show up on the MRI, a glioblastoma grade 4. I am now almost done with 30 treatments of radiation and I am doing immunotherapy every 3 weeks.”

Motivation to fight cancer

“To spread awareness, everyone’s story is different but also the same

Message to other cancer patients

message for cancer patients

“You are not alone.”




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