Brain Cancer Fighter Says Never Give Up


“Let Go and Let God”

Rosey Cosme was diagnosed with brain cancer in September 2015. She is fighting her disease.

The Diagnosis

“On September 2015 I underwent a couple of examinations & biopsy because of these very awful symptoms I was experiencing at the time.

I thought that my other illness Trigeminal Neuralgia was the cause of those added symptoms but then it turned out to be that I was experiencing symptoms due to Brain Cancer ‘Glioblastoma’.”

The Journey

“This Journey has been so difficult these past three years. At first, I was terrified, overwhelmed and confused. I even had to seek a counsellor for depressive disorder.

All I Could do was figuring out what’s next, how to go about and try my best to Fight. I then underwent procedures to help with the pains and the aftermath of treatments such as radiation, chemotherapy, amongst others. But, unfortunately things got a bit horrific when I was told my tumor was growing & was inoperable.

My family and I were told I’ll eventually be put on Hospice Status because my body was rejecting chemo & started to have other complications along the way. I decided to then go natural & plant-based diet, NO MEATS.

I became a pescatarian throughout the months passing. It was so hard to leave meats but I then found a solution of treating myself with Fish or Shrimps. Remind you, I’m allergic to shellfish 🦐 so it was kind of hard for me to acknowledge that I only could eat a certain amount of seafood.

I can truly say the changes I made had so much of a difference in my health status. It honestly did. In mid-2016, miraculously the tumor started to shrink, shrink and shrink on its own or let’s say Prayers & Faith in the one above.

Things started to look convincing to me, meaning Prayers works if you truly Believe and have no fear. My GBM was stable for at least 5 months after that and boom 💥 2nd term was on its works. The tumor decided to come back leaving me first hand on hospice status. 😱😢🙏🏽 the support from everyone became so overwhelming and so did the unconditional love, the visitors, the messages, the followers, the churches ⛪ my neighbours.

I was so in shock to be on such status. “HOSPICE” very terrifying and it was such a horrible Fight. Time has passed and I’ve dealt with just going straight NATURAL meaning decided to go Green as well as on the organic foods, exercising; and let me tell you I couldn’t believe I was being told I’ll be on bed rest or on a wheelchair, and so forth.

Prayers daily, community prayers the church prayers … everything had seemed to work out for me physically that I’ve become stronger and stronger by the days. On January 10th 2018, I was surprisingly told the Tumor was deteriorating and it was gone.

My family and I were 😱😱😱 You see most of my family are Christians, some of my close friends are Catholic, and me personally I’m just a very strong Believer in our Father GOD. ☝🏽”

Motivation to fight cancer

“Biggest motivation I would say: I’ve never thought that the Strength I’ve gained and have were possible or existed. My biggest motivation is GOD, my Family, my close friends & my followers, they are my daily Strengths.

I wake up every morning feeling truly blessed and grateful because not many of us with this diagnosis of GBM reaches a year or more. And, I’m blessed to say I’m on my 3rd term, 3 years surviving this horrific diagnosis.”

Biggest hindrance

“I think my biggest hindrances would be the fact that not only am I Continuing the Fight to Glioblastoma I’m also battling for the past 7 years with another horrific disease/chronic illness titled Trigeminal Neuralgia “The Suicide Disease”.

It makes things so much harder because it’s being triggered in so many ways, such as severe and excruciating facial nerve pains. It makes it so hard to focus at times.”

Message to other cancer patients

“Much Prayers, Faith & Believe. Step by Step, Day by Day. No Stress. Eat healthier, Exercise and always be open to Changes. No One Fights Alone. Stay Strong 💪🏽 Never Never Give Up!”

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