Bone Cancer Survivor Now A Block Print Artist


“You must do the thing you think you cannot do.” –Eleanor Roosevelt

Meredith Winn was diagnosed with pelvic bone cancer in 2016. She has successfully defeated her disease. She is now a freelance writer and a block print artist.

The Diagnosis

“I was forty-one years old when I was diagnosed with chondrosarcoma. My son likes to say that yoga saved my life: I went to the doctor after experiencing limited mobility in yoga class. What I assumed was a labral hip tear turned out to be a rare form of pelvic bone cancer.”

The Journey

“It’s quite possible that I unknowingly lived with a slow growing pelvic tumor for twenty-five years (beginning in puberty). I learned of its existence and lived with the knowledge of having bone cancer for forty-five days before it was cut from me.

My type of bone cancer was not receptive to chemo or radiation so surgery was my only option. I had four inches of my pelvis removed in 2016 with a limb salvage surgery that allowed me to keep my leg while removing a grapefruit sized tumor from my pelvic bone and inner thigh. One large skin graft and 180 stitches later, I re-learned to walk and am now two years cancer free.”

Motivation to fight cancer

“There are still so many thing I want to experience in this life, so many things I want to share with my kids!”


Biggest hindrance

“Wrapping my head around all the unknowns was challenging. Giving up control and surrendering to anything and everything that was happening felt impossible. Most days I felt like I was a bad actress in a terrible movie. I also had no idea what “recovery” looked like after my surgery, so embracing the “new normal” through recovery was something I had to practice.”


Message to other fighters

“Be gentle with yourself. Find others so you don’t feel alone. Allow yourself a full range of emotions. Find what motivates you and fight for your life!”

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