9 Year Old Brain Cancer Survivor’s Mom Shares Her Journey

Caleb Scott - Brain Cancer Survivor

“All we’ve got is hope, and we hang on to that every single day.”

Caleb Scott was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2015.He has successfully defeated his disease. He was just 9 years old when he was diagnosed.

The Diagnosis

“Diagnosed in September 2015 following 6 weeks of illness.

Vomiting most mornings, off in colour and just ‘not right’

A MRI was ordered which showed a mass on the cerebellum.”

The Journey

9 year old brain cancer survivor journey

“Caleb had surgery immediately to remove the tumour and that left Caleb with paralysis down the right hand side of his body and face.

He had to learn to sit, stand and walk all over again.

Radiation was really hard with having his head screwed to the table and unable to move and it left him very sick and unable to eat.

Chemo was very hard on his body and he dropped to dangerous levels of weight and needed a feeding tube to help maintain what weight he had left.

However after 6 weeks of radiation and 7 months of chemo, in July 2016, Caleb was able to ring the end of treatment bell.

He remain cancer free today, almost 3 years since diagnosis.”

Motivation to fight cancer

“Caleb was 9 years old and has a whole lifetime in front of him.

He has so much more to live for and we made sure he knew how much he was loved and wanted.”

Biggest hindrance

“Caleb’s weight and inability to eat was really hard combined with needing to use a wheelchair and being 5 hours from home.”

Message to other cancer patients

Caleb Scott fighting brain cancer

“Keep fighting!!! It’s not easy, it might end, be ‘kind’ but keep fighting.”


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