9 Months Old Brain Cancer Survivor’s Amazing Journey


Benjamin Sanchez - brain cancer survivor

Favourite quote

“Childhood Cancer is a Big Fat Poopiehead.  #SlayCancerWithDragons”

Benjamin Sanchez was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2014. He was just 9 months old at that time. He has successfully defeated his disease.

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The Diagnosis

2014 at just 9 months, Old Choroid Plexus Carcinoma Brain & Spinal cancer Grade 3. Benji was perfectly healthy never sick aside from a teething fever. The Weekend of Halloween he had Multiple Seizures, and we rushed Benji to the Hospital and within hours a Mass was confirmed.

We met with a Neurosurgeon and 24 hours later Benji underwent 6 1/2 hr Brain Surgery. He almost lost his life 3 times on that OR Table. He pulled through and weeks later we found out the Cancer had spread and metastasized through his entire Spine.

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The Journey

Benjamin Sanchez - brain cancer survivor journey

Benji spent nearly 400 days in a Hospital, Brain surgery, 6 rounds of High Dose Chemo, 3 Stem cell transplants, 3 Central Line Procedures, 3 NG Tubes. Every first milestone was spent in a Hospital or Oncology Clinic, his first Birthday, Christmas, even his first Steps were taken in the hall of a Medical Environment.

There was a point in time we were told to take Benji home and just keep him comfortable. We had maxed out of all chemo he could have. He did 3 transplants back to back with just a couple of weeks in between to recover.  His immunity was slowly declining and we needed a miracle. Thank God the third one did the trick.

Motivation to fight cancer

Just seeing Benji Thrive. We never had an easy day each round was just worse than he one before but our biggest motivation was the outpouring Love from Family, Friends & Social Media Family!

Biggest hindrance

“The fact that we were not seeing any change, not having answers, the Chemo was taking a toll and we didn’t know if it was indeed working. Every cycle had its own battles and today Benji is thriving but he is also dealing with a lot of side effects from the treatment.

The life-saving treatment has caused delays and issues as far as airway disorders, damaged voice box, damaged teeth (missing 17), hearing loss, lung & respiratory issues, the list goes on.”

Message to other cancer patients

Benjamin Sanchez - brain cancer survivor

“Take it one day at a time. Doctors can only give you statistics but children are so incredibly resistant. Every chemo journey is different and miracles do happen.”

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