21 Cancer Questions To Ask Your Oncologist


Once you come to term with the cancer diagnosis, next step is gaining knowledge about your disease, as it reduces anxiety and helps to take an informed treatment decision. Ask your doctor whatever doubts you have regarding the disease and its treatment.

But knowing what to ask is very important. Here we have a compiled a list of questions that you can ask to your oncologist to gain more information about your diagnosis and treatment.

At the time of diagnosis, before the start of treatment

Your first visit to oncologist can be quite daunting due to anxiety and fear of the unknown. It is okay to feel that way but you need to hold your ground and try to gain more information about your diagnosis, treatment options available, and other things.

Here is the list of questions to ask oncologist on first visit.

1. What type of cancer do I have?

2. What is the stage of cancer?

3. Is it curable?

4. Is the diagnostic workup complete or do I need to get more tests done?

5. How many specialists would I require for treatment?

6. What is the prognosis of my disease?

7. What is the expected survival?

At the time of start of treatment

8. What are the various treatment options available?

9. How many different treatment modalities will be used?

10. Will the treatment be with a curative intent?

11. What are the possible side effects of treatment?

12. How many treatment sessions I have to take?

13. What will be the time interval between treatment sessions?

14. Should I continue other medicines I am taking now?

15. Will the treatment affect my fertility?

16. Do I have any dietary restrictions while on treatment?

At the end of treatment

17. Are there any delayed side effects of treatment?

18. What are the chances of my cancer returning back?

19. How frequently I have to come for follow up?

20. Are there any tests to be done on follow-up visits?

21. What symptoms should I be cautious of?

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