Endometrial Cancer Information [Infographics]

Uterus (womb) is a hollow, inverted pear-shaped organ that accommodates the growing fetus during pregnancy. It is situated between the urinary bladder and rectum...
testicular cancer image

Testicular Cancer Information [Infographics and Videos]

Testes (singular: testis or testicle) are paired, oval-shaped, male-reproductive glands, which sit in the scrotum (supporting structure for the testes which hangs beneath the...

Stomach Cancer Information [Infographics and Videos]

The stomach is a J-shaped sac-like organ that connects the esophagus to the duodenum (the first part of the small intestine). It serves as...

Emotional Support

Inspirational fighting cancer quotes

50 Best Inspirational Fighting Cancer Quotes | Top List

Here we have share 50 best inspirational fighting cancer quotes. Read them to get motivated and share these quotes to spread positivity.
Lost battle to cancer quotes

25 Lost Battle To Cancer Quotes | Honoring Those Who Are Not With Us...

Lost someone to cancer? Here we share 25 emotional and comforting lost battle to cancer quotes. Read them to live your memories.
Inspirational cancer quotes for dad

25 Best Emotional and Inspirational Cancer Quotes for Dad

Read these 25 best compassionate and inspirational cancer quotes for dad to make him feel special and stronger. Share these wonderful quotes now.


Blood Tests for Cancer – Tumor Markers

Blood tests for cancer are also called as Tumor Markers. THey are substances /molecular changes detected in abnormal amounts in the blood produced either...
Targeted Therapy for Cancer Treatment

Targeted Therapy For Cancer Treatment Explained

In this article, we will study all about targeted therapy in detail and see how it can help a cancer patient in his or her treatment.
Role of Targeted Therapy in Soft Tissue Sarcoma Treatment

Role of Targeted Therapy in Soft Tissue Sarcoma Treatment

In this post, we will discuss and study about the role of targeted therapy in soft tissue sarcoma treatment. Read here to know more.

Side Effects

Why Does Chemotherapy Cause Hair Loss

Why Does Chemotherapy Cause Hair Loss?

In this article, we will discuss why does chemotherapy cause hair loss and how you can reduce it. Also, we will share some tips to cope up with this.

How You Can Reduce Hair Loss During Chemotherapy

It has been observed by advocacy groups that the number of cancer patients is rising day by...

How To Treat Nausea And Vomiting In Cancer Patients

In this article, we will discuss how to treat nausea and vomiting in cancer patients with the help of medicines and drugs.

Genetics and Cancer

next generation sequencing

Role of Next Generation Sequencing in Oncology

What is Next Generation Sequencing? Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) is also referred to as “deep sequencing” or “massive parallel sequencing”. NGS is a broad term that...
PROstate Specific antigen (PSA)

Everything You Need to Know About Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA)

Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) is a glycoprotein expressed by prostate cancer cells, both normal and neoplastic. Read here to know everything.
Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia Syndromes

Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia Syndromes – Types, Screening and Treatment

What is Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia-1 (MEN-1) Syndrome? MEN1 gene is located on chromosome 11q13 and encodes the protein menin. Majority of mutations that cause MEN-1...


Causes and Risk Factors for Cancer

Risk factors are the inherited or acquired factors that increase the chance of developing cancer in a person. Several epidemiological studies have suggested a...
Stage 4 cancer symptoms

Stage 4 Cancer Symptoms

Here we have discussed stage 4 cancer symptoms for lung cancer, breast cancer, colon cancer, brain cancer, melanoma, testicular cancer, etc.
10 Leading Causes of Cancer in Men and Women

10 Leading Cancers in Men and Women

Here in this article, we have explained 10 leading causes of cancer in men and women. Read here to know more.

Survivor Stories

message for cancer patients

Thyroid Cancer Survivor Now a Writer and Artist

Favourite quote “Thyroid cancer taught me to always, always listen to my body, to advocate for my health needs and even when afraid, to keep...
breast cancer survivor

Brain Cancer Fighter Shares Her Journey

Favourite quote “You are not alone” Cathy Fischer was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2008. She is fighting her disease since last 10 years. The Diagnosis “2008 because...
thyroid cancer survivor's journey

Thyroid Cancer Survivor Shares Her Motivational Journey

Favourite quote “Trust in yourself and know that time in any form is a gift. It allows you to heal and to create memories! Sadly...